10 Important Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day

It's easy to forget a few of the essential bridal accessories when planning your wedding because there are so many things to acquire and set up. It's the smallest elements that make a wedding truly distinctive and special.

When you've finally discovered the sexy wedding dress and rings for both you and your fiance, the only thing left to do is plan your big day. After months of planning, you've finally arrived at the final step of the process: picking out your bridal accessories.

These must-have bridal accessories will help you look your best and avoid some of the most typical wedding day blunders. With that in mind, here are 10 wedding-day accessories, as well as a few options you can buy now!

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day

1. Bridal Garter

A piece of the bride's wedding dress is said to bring luck according to superstitions and beliefs. Brides started wearing a garter that one lucky visitor may take home in order to prevent guests from stealing pieces of the bridal gown. The garter was thought to represent the marriage's consummation as well.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day garter
This elegant, fuss-free garter, which is the ideal something blue, was given its name after an otherworldly beauty mentioned in Romeo and Juliet but never seen. Via BHLDN

What does a woman wearing a garter mean?

The bride's bridal garter, which is concealed beneath her dress and is intended to be thrown to all the unmarried men at the reception by the husband, is an essential part of her wedding day outfit.

The garter toss is a crucial component of the wedding day, yet many brides still participate in this age-old custom without fully appreciating its significance or meaning. It's a chance for the families and friends of the bride and the groom to get to know one another. You'll want to be sure the one you choose for your wedding is appropriate given the wide range of options for styles, colors, and variations.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day garter 2

Today, only the groom is allowed to take the garter off. For the groom to accomplish this in front of all the witnesses, there is usually a designated period during the reception, after which the groom throws the garter to all the single men in the crowd.

Typically, the bouquet toss is done by the bride first, followed by the garter toss by the groom. In that whoever collects the garter will be the next guy to get married, this garter toss is quite similar to the bouquet toss. The garter will then be put on the woman who caught the bouquet by the man who caught it.

2. Wedding Shoes

You must find your wedding shoes before your initial dress fitting so that your dress can be hemmed precisely, whether you prefer soaring heels or cozy flats. Take into account your comfort as well as the wedding venue and style when choosing your wedding shoes. For instance, stiletto heels probably won't be comfortable or appropriate if you'll be spending most of your wedding day outside on grass or in the sand; opt for wedges, sandals, or flats instead.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day Shoes 2
Source: Pinterest

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What kind of wedding shoes is the most comfortable?

Stiletto-alternative wedding shoes are the most common choice. Choose bridal shoes with a lower heel, such as kitten heels or block heels, platforms, or flats if comfort is a top need. A pair of blinged-up sneakers isn't out of the question.

For an outdoor wedding, what are the most comfortable shoes?

There is nothing worse than sand or soft grass suffocating your feet. Lacy ballet flats, sandals, and bridal sneakers are all great options for wedding shoes that are both stylish and comfy. If you want to go higher, choose heels with additional support, such as block heels, wedges, or platforms.

3. Hair Accessories

Hairstyles for both the up-and-down and everything in between are virtually limitless. You'll also have to make a decision on your hairstyle. If you're looking for something classic and elegant, a pearl headband, comb, or tiara is a great choice. Hair accessories come in a variety of styles, from beaded headbands to hair clippers and hair bows.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day hair accessories
Image via: The White Collection

When it comes to bridal whites, pearls are a must-have accessory. For those who want a more subdued look, you might opt for a clip or comb with genuine flowers instead of a full flower crown. If you're looking for a dazzling look, a rhinestone or feather hairpiece is ideal, while sculptural gold or silver hairpieces are ideal for the ultra-modern bride.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day hair accessories 1
Image via Pinterest

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What is it that holds your hair in place?

Barrette. Using a barrette, you may put your hair up in a bun, or a ponytail, or clip your bangs back out of your eyes, among other things. A wide variety of Barrettes are available, with some being more ornate and others being less. At the moment, we're particularly fond of bow barrettes.

4. Bridal Jewellery

Your engagement ring and wedding band are the most noticeable bridal accessories you'll wear on your wedding day. Additional jewelry, however, is entirely up to your personal taste and style preference. An illusion neckline might not be the best match for an illusion pendant, but a strapless neckline might be. In terms of jewelry, we recommend that you not go crazy with the accessories. All you'll need to wow on your wedding day is a few well-chosen accessories.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day bridal necklace
Image via Pinterest

When it comes to your wedding day jewelry, nothing says romance like a stunning pair of diamond studs or drop earrings. Trying to decide on a jewelry style, the number of pieces to wear, and the overall aesthetic can be stressful but we recommend keeping it simple and cost-effective.

5. Wedding Flower/bouquet

The bridal bouquet is much more than just a decoration to be slung over her shoulder at the conclusion of the ceremony. In addition, it's an essential part of your wedding day ensemble. If you're going to have a bouquet, make sure you pick one that matches your attire.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bouquets
Image via Pinterest

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The easiest way to ensure this is to examine the wedding bouquet brochure the florist provides. Look through the photographs and see if you can find any brides who are wearing dresses that are comparable to yours. To ensure a good match, look for a dress that is comparable to the one in the picture.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bouquets 2
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6. Bridal Sash

Most likely, you've never considered a bridal sash or belt as a wedding-day bridal accessory. Beaded and embellished wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars. It's a terrific alternative if you're looking for a bit of sparkle but don't want to break the bank.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bridal slash
Image via Pinterest

Dress shopping isn't complete until you come across a beautiful dress that just needs a little something more to make it great. When paired with the proper bridal sash, a plain wedding dress can be elevated to a new level.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bridal slash 2
Image via Pinterest

If you're getting married in a traditional white gown, a simple ribbon or vintage-inspired embellished wedding belt can help break up the monotony. If you're getting married in a more modern metallic or jewel-encrusted design, a bridal belt can help bring your outfit together.

7. Wedding Purse / Clutch

A purse is probably not something you'll want to carry on your wedding day. For the most part, you'll be carrying your bouquet, so it's easy to lose track of it. You can ask a bridesmaid, a close friend, or a member of your family to watch over your purse or clutch if you need to bring anything with you to the reception, such as make-up, breath mints, or tissues.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bridal clutch purse 2
Image via Pinterest

If you plan to continue the celebration after your sparkler send-off, you'll want your purse to match your attire, especially if you plan to carry on with the festivities. Considerin buying this accessory along with your wedding dress.

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10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bridal clutch purse
Image via Pinterest

8. Bridal Robes

Behind-the-scenes activity can be just as significant as the main event on the big day. You'll cherish the memories you make getting ready for the wedding with your bridesmaids for the rest of your life. As well as getting your hair and cosmetics done, it's a great opportunity to connect with some of your closest friends during the event itself.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bridal robe
Image via Etsy

As a result, choosing a bridal robe is critical accessory as, like your wedding gown, it will be a keepsake for generations to come. As a result, it's a good thing that bridal robes come in so many varieties, including lace, silk, and even ones that may be monogrammed.

9. Bridal Veil

From playful birdcages to cathedral-length dresses, the veil is a must-have for any bride-to-ensemble. As you think about the type of veil you want to wear, there are some factors to bear in mind. Make sure your veil matches your wedding gown's color before anything else.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bridal veil
Image via Pinterest

Take into account your body type as well: Petite brides will benefit from longer waltz or floor-length veils, while taller brides will benefit from the shorter fingertip or elbow-length veils. Short styles, like a bandeau or a birdcage, flatter all body types and give your gown a playful, nostalgic air.

10. Bridal Shrug, Jacket, or Wraps

You can't control the weather, no matter when you schedule your wedding. As a result, a shrug, or jacket is one of the essential bridal accessories. Especially if you and your bridesmaids are posing for a long time in a cold breeze for a long picture shoot. When you and your bridesmaids wear matching faux fur stoles, you'll look fantastic in your wedding photos.

10 Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day flowers bridal shrug jacket
Image via Pinterest

Final Thoughts

Every one of these bridal accessories can completely transform your style on your wedding day, so have a look at them and see what you think. Our Bridal Fashion ideas posts are the place to go if you're looking for wedding dress ideas that fit your body type.

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