20+ Best Vintage Inspired Wedding Outfit For Grooms

There are two people in any wedding who are more significant than anything else: the bride and groom. In spite of this, the bride and her dress continue to steal the show. The groom and his retro-inspired attire are the sole subjects of our attention today. More and more men, like the bride, are putting a premium on their wedding attire in an effort to feel and look their best on the big day. 

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As the number of weddings with a vintage theme continues to climb, newlyweds are on the lookout for creative ways to incorporate the theme into their big day. Weddings are significant events that require eye-catching attire, but you don't have to break the bank to look your best.

Dressing in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident is essential since your wedding attire will serve as a reflection of you and your personality. Here are 20+ best vintage-inspired outfits for the groom that will take you back in time.

20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom3

How to Dress Your Groom in Vintage Outfit

There is no more essential outfit than the one the man wears on his wedding day. But what would a traditional groom actually look like? To begin, the groom has a lot of choices in how to implement the vintage concept.

A suit in the vintage style shouldn't be too stuffy, but it should be well put together and elegant. Instead of a black suit, an exquisite one made of mottled fabrics should be worn. The outfit needs to be trim-fitting and basic. A wide variety of color options are available to you.

Vintage is most often associated with gray, brown, beige, graphite, and royal blue. A striped design is just as popular as any other. Traditional grooms often choose to dress in vests as well.

The bow tie is the most crucial component of a vintage look and should be selected to complement the suit. No true gentleman from the past would ever forget the importance of accessories like cufflinks, suspenders, and pocket squares. It's crucial that the accents go with the remainder of the ensemble color-wise. That is to say, your suspenders and pocket square should be of identical pattern.

Additionally, you can accessorize your suit with a fashionable flat cap, a top hat, or a chained pocket watch that hangs freely from your vest or suit lapel. Instead of a handkerchief, you might use the buttonhole to attach a sprig of flowers that coordinates with the bride's bouquet or hair ring. This not only makes your attire more unique but also allows you and your spouse to appear as a unified one.

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20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom8 2
20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom8 3
20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom8 4

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20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom4
20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom5
20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom6 2
20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom6 3
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20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom7 2
20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom7 3
20 Best Vintage Inspired Outfit For The Groom2

Final Thoughts

There can be no wedding without a dress for the bride and groom in a retro theme. The groom may have an equally difficult time locating the ideal suit as the bride had in locating her dream dress. But fear not, because we have compiled a list of fashionable alternatives for the groom. You should start with the color scheme and time period.

A three-piece wedding suit is always best!

Think about getting a three-piece set, ideally made of tweed if the weather permits. Another alternative is to put on a suit, a mismatched sweater or waistcoat, a button-down shirt, and either boots or shoes. That's yet another choice available to you.

Pick the option that appeals to you the most!

Navy, black, grays, browns, burgundy, and rust are all great options for a traditional groom's attire. There are alternatives to a blazer, such as a waistcoat and trousers suit or pants, shirt, and suspenders.

Common FAQs On Vintage-Inspired Outfit For The Groom

What is a vintage wedding theme?

The idea of a wedding with a vintage theme is very popular and full of romance. A wedding with a vintage theme can provide a stunning and romantic setting for the ceremony and reception. It does more than just generate a sense of nostalgia; it also develops a sense of romanticism for the past.

What is the best color for the groom?

A black tux is the only acceptable color to wear. However, blue, dark blue, midnight blue, and charcoal grey are suitable for a three-piece suit to highlight the groom's personality.

What is the most popular wedding theme?

Among the most popular options for weddings, themes are vintage, classic, nautical, beach, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

What makes a wedding classy?

White flowers, lots of greenery, white tablecloths, and simple decorations will never go out of style for a wedding. If you and your partner value tradition over novelty, consider a traditional wedding theme for your ceremony and reception.

What is the best part of a wedding?

Five Real Grooms Share What They Loved Most About Their Weddings…
Waiting for the bride to appear down the aisle… Being in the company of one's loved ones… The period of time between the ceremony and the reception… The main meal….& the personalized vow exchange.

How weddings are changing?

There has been a recent trend of couples electing to invite just close friends and family members, as well as their parents, to their wedding celebrations. You'll be able to connect with your guests on a deeper level and create a more unique atmosphere for your wedding as a whole.

Can I buy a vintage wedding dress online?

While it is possible, we advise against it. Trying on a vintage dress in person is essential because of how delicate the fabric is and how well it must conform to your body. You have two options if you find the perfect vintage wedding dress online. Will it be a comfortable fit? Also, how long will it last?

What is the flower called that the groom wears?

A boutonnière is a little flower or bud pinned on the lapel of a tuxedo or suit jacket.

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