Travis Kelce Wife: The Untold Story Behind the NFL Star’s Love Life

The bond between Travis and Kayla has sparked high profile rumors, leaving fans around the globe eagerly wondering about their relationship.

When Travis Kelce joined with the NFL in 2013, he made a sensation right away by becoming one of the league's best players. His exceptional play on the pitch has won him adoration from fans and acclaim from football experts alike. Kelce is a fantastic player, but his talent goes much beyond that. Because of his connection with Kayla Nicole, a powerful person in the entertainment and sports worlds, he has gained a lot of attention. Kayla is well-known for her ability to captivate audiences everywhere she goes, whether she's in the capacity of promotional model, TV host, entertainment reporter or social media influencer.

The bond between Travis and Kayla has sparked high profile rumors, leaving fans around the globe eagerly wondering about their relationship. So, is Travis Kelce married? This burning question has left countless fans curious to uncover Travis Kelce wife and his current relationship status. Let's dive deeper into the fascinating world of Travis Kelce's love life, shall we?

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole love life
Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole love life

Is Travis Kelce still in a relationship with Kayla Nicole?

The answer to this question is definitely “no.” In 2022, Travis and Kayla have ended their relationship, and they are no longer a couple. The first reports of their separation surfaced in May 2022, with claims that Travis' insistence on splitting expenses equally with Kayla led to the breakup.

Despite having made $64.7 million from his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis reportedly imposed a 50/50 rule for all bills, including dinners and trips. However, he has denied these rumors during an appearance on “The Pivot Podcast.”


“How crazy is that?! Don't buy into that s***! We were in a relationship for 5 years,” Kelce added. “A hundred dollars here and a hundred dollars there wasn't even thought about, which is ridiculous.”

Travis further conveyed that Kayla was financially secure and always remained independent when it came to finances. Additionally, Kayla herself promptly dismissed these rumors.

The truth is, however, that Kayla and Travis are no longer together. Shortly after their breakup, they deleted all pictures of each other from their respective Instagram profiles. The reason for Travis and Kayla's separation remains unknown and both individuals have chosen to keep silent on the matter.

Travis Kelce's relationship with Kayla Nicole
Travis Kelce's relationship with Kayla Nicole (Allen Berezovsky. Getty Images.)

How did Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole meet?

Kelce and Nicole's relationship started like many modern relationships do: He followed her on social media, and she messaged him directly.

“He had been following me and insta-flirting for a few months,” she revealed in an Instagram Story. “All double taps and no dm. Soooo after a little liquid courage and a pep talk from @iqueenb (something along the lines of ‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR’) I dm’d him on New Years.”

Their initial public appearance occurred at his former teammate, Jeremy Maclin's wedding, and soon after, Kelce referred to Nicole as the “peanut butter to my JELLYTIME” in an Instagram post that has since been removed.

How did Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole meet?
How did Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole meet? (Amy Sussman/ Getty Images)

Is Travis Kelce currently unmarried or available for a romantic relationship?

Apparently, Travis Kelce is currently searching for love. The NFL player is currently not in a relationship and is fully focused on his career. During the show, Travis mentioned being in the “free market” and enjoying his life while also concentrating on his job. Besides football, he also takes time to relax. Do you believe that Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole were not a compatible couple?

Common FAQs

How old is Travis Kelce?

On July 5, 1989, Travis Kelce was born, making him 33 years old in 2023.

How did Travis Kelce meet Kayla Nicole?

Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce met on Instagram in 2017. Kelce had been actively keeping up with Nicole's online presence for a few months and had shown his appreciation by double tapping her photos. One fateful day, Nicole made the choice to communicate directly with him by sending a private message.

Who is Travis Kelce’s girlfriend?

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole were together for a long time. There is no public information about his present girlfriend as of right now.

Is Travis Kelce married?

Travis Kelce isn't married. He dated the model Kayla Nicole for a considerable period of time between 2014 and 2019. In May 2022, they separated. There have been reports that he is dating TV personality Zuri Hall, who is Travis Kelce's girlfriend but there has been no official confirmation.


The charming Travis Kelce has established a reputation both on and off the gridiron. While the question, “Is Travis Kelce married?” remains unsolved, his captivating personal life is just as noteworthy as his remarkable career. Despite the rumors, Kelce has managed to keep his private life under wraps. His commitment to his occupation and charitable work offers a more meaningful and valuable representation of his character. We hope you found our article about Travis Kelce's wife and current relationship status informative.

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