18 Intimate and Small Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Weddings with a small guest list have a charm all their own.  Small weddings are trending—and it's not just because they're easier on the wallet. Couples are opting for a more intimate celebration to get quality face time with each attendee as well as create a more relaxed, casual vibe. There's something beyond special about being surrounded by your nearest and dearest—especially when marrying in a small yet stunning setting.

10 trending small and intimate wedding ceremony ideas

If you are considering having a small wedding and are in need of some inspiration, check out these gorgeous small wedding ceremony ideas to get inspired.

Having a Destination Small Wedding

small intimate beach side destination wedding ceremony ideas

It’s perfect to have a destination wedding when you decide to go intimate. You'll be sharing it with those who you hold closest at a special venue!

modern simple small wedding ceremony ideas for destination wedding

Mix Seating and Florals

mixed seats for small wedding ceremony ideas

Having mixed chairs and benches for guest seating, as well as floral arrangements of different heights will surely have a lot of fun!

small garden wedding ceremony seating ideas

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Head Into the Woods

wooded forest small wedding ceremony ideas

Forest venues offer an easy, natural beauty, and perfectly create the intimate atmosphere.

small intimate woodland wedding ceremony ideas
intimate wedding ceremony in the redwood forest
intimate wedding ceremony decoration ideas

Surround yourself with love

round wedding ceremony seating ideas

Take advantage of the small number of attendees by giving everyone the best seat in the house!

small intimate wedding ceremony seating ideas

Head Into Nature

trending intimate wedding ceremony ideas

Consider having the mountains or lakes as the backdrops of your ceremony to create a stunning ceremony site.

small wedding ceremony venue ideas lakeside
small wedding ceremony setting ideas
small and intimate wedding ceremony ideas
small and intimate wedding ceremony decorations
lakeside intimate wedding ceremony decorations
fall wedding venue ideas for small and intimate weddings

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Small wedding ideas and tips

You may plan a lovely small wedding that falls within your well-considered budget pressures, regardless of your wedding budget. Frugal can be amazing if you get inventive, ask for help, and know when to look. Check out the best free apps to help you plan a wedding next for economical wedding planning and organization.

Fairy light lanterns

Collect mason jars or look for glass lanterns in a variety of sizes at your local thrift store. Fill the glass jars or lanterns with battery-powered fairy lights purchased in bulk. With their soft, delicate illumination, they create great magic while scarcely putting a mark on your wedding budget.

Chair décor with ribbons or lace

Decorate aisle chairs for the ceremony and dining chairs for the reception with ribbons or lace to add sophistication to your low-cost wedding. Elegant alternatives include simple bows or bold wraps around the back of the chair.

Tablecloth made with brown handmade paper

For a rustic small wedding, this is a delightful option. Use double-sided tape or twine to make the paper in place. Then, at each guest's place setting, write their name. Set out some crayons so that the kids can color during the reception.

A photo show

If you're having a small wedding, order black and white prints of some of your favorite photos—of you and your fiance, as well as extended family and friends. They can be ordered in a single size or a variety of sizes, and they can be displayed on a plain wood pallet or on a length of twine with wood clothespins.

Bunting made of paper or cloth

Cut-out craft paper in your wedding colors to make paper flags. Alternatively, thrift stores may have lace or colorful fabric napkins. Bunting lengths can be crisscrossed the ceiling or hung across the reception entrances by attaching them to twine.

Paper lanterns

In vivid hues of white. Giant, miniature, or a mix of sizes Paper lanterns, in any combination, are inexpensive and make a striking touch to your small wedding decor.

Collect leftover wedding decor from newlywed

After the honeymoon, other couples with similar aesthetics may sell their wedding decor on eBay or Craigslist. You might strike it rich and receive a wonderful deal.

Make a trip to the dollar store

This can be a gold mine of affordable-cost decorations for your wedding ceremony and reception, including vases, jars, candle holders, attractive materials, imitation flowers, and more. No one will know since we won't tell.

Buy in bulk when it comes to home decor.

Burlap. Tulle. Ribbons. Lace. Table runners with mirrors Votive candles are used to light a room. If you buy your small wedding decor in bulk, you can considerably reduce the cost. Do you have a DIY friend getting married this year? Consider placing a larger order and lowering the price even further.

On the morning of the wedding, purchase fresh flowers.

On the morning of your wedding, choose gorgeous, affordable flowers from the flower shop. Request a discount on flowers that will be thrown away soon anyway. Arrange the flowers in the vases you bought at the dollar store. (As a wedding day hint, assign this place to a trustworthy friend with a keen eye for floral arrangements who would be willing to do it for you in exchange for a present.)

Think about what's available during the season.

Pinecones are a charming accent to centerpieces and they make easy to come by in the fall and winter. They're also readily affordable and reasonably priced at craft stores. Arrange them as is, or use metallic paint or glitter to gild them.

A bike with a bouquet of flowers in the basket

Check with friends to see if they have any old bikes laying around the garage, or go to a thrift store. The bike may already have an antique, corroded look about it. If not, paint the bike white, off-white, or in the colors of your small wedding. Then, either within the bike's basket or a wicker basket you attach to the front yourself, arrange an overflowing arrangement.

Buy china stuff

Make several visits to your local secondhand store to collect any gorgeous, patterned plates you come across. Vintage china is frequently seen. Use the plates as table runners, chargers, or for meal service. Guests can take the plates home as a wonderful and nostalgic favor if they clean them up.

For garlands, use foliage instead of flowers

Over a trestle or a doorway, a long garland of ivy gives a vibrant flash of green. Greenery is less affordable than flowers and makes a big effect.

Common Questions

What is considered a small wedding ceremony?

A small wedding has fewer than 50 guests, a medium wedding has 50-150 guests, and a large wedding has more than 150 guests.

How do you plan a small wedding?

If you're having trouble narrowing down your guest list, consider whether you'd rather take this individual out for a $500 dinner or have them stay with you for the weekend.

How can I have a cheap small wedding?

Book a local restaurant if that's cheaper or ask a food supplier to provide food at your home for guests. Don't spend too much on items such as shoes, clothes, jewelry, or big brands.

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