Who Should Pay for Your Bachelorette Party? Plan Your Bach 101!

Know everything about Bach party planning and responsibilities

Wedding without a bachelorette party is no wedding at all. Sure you wanna hang around with your bridal gang to enjoy the best moments while you're still single but have you thought about who really pays for the bachelorette party? We help you understand the whole concept behind who plans a bachelorette party, how much it costs, who's responsible for paying expenses, and what other ideas are available. We have also included the steps and some useful tips to plan a perfect bach party!

We know that the wedding hosts are usually responsible for paying for parties like the engagement party and bridal shower but when it comes to the bachelorette party, there's a lot of confusion among wedding party members.

Who is responsible to pay for Bachelorette Party
Who is responsible to pay for Bachelorette Party

Is it bachelor party or bachelorette party?

The phrase “bachelorette” usually refers to an unmarried woman, while the term “bachelor” is used for an unmarried man. Regardless of wedding words and their meanings, both bachelor and bachelorette parties mean singles committed to marriage get out and enjoy themselves with their best friends.

How much does a bachelorette party cost?

Bachelorette or Bach party costs vary widely depending on how far you wish to go to celebrate. Questions such as “is it going to be for a few hours or a long weekend?” “are you going to host the party at home or somewhere else as a destination?” and “what's going to be involved at a bachelorette party?” should be asked to determine the expected cost of party. A typical bachelorette party can cost from $250 for a couple of hours party at home to $5,000 for a long weekend luxury bach party.

How to plan the bachelorette party in easy steps
How to plan the bachelorette party in easy steps

Does the bride pay for Bach party?

The bride is traditionally the only person who does not pay the bill for the most of the bachelorette party. The rules for who should pay the cost for the bachelor/bachelorette party supper and any other special “events” for the soon-to-be-wed or married couple are simple. Naturally, the bride's choices and the group's agreement will play major roles in determining this.

Who is responsible for Bachelorette Party?

Typically, the maid of honor (or matron of honor) and bridesmaids are responsible for planning and splitting the cost of the bachelorette party. Whether you're a bridesmaid or just a close friend or relative of the bride-to-be, you probably have a bachelorette party coming up. Before you pack your party bags or even order a bachelorette bikini, get this question out in your group: Does the bride pay for the bachelorette party or do the bridesmaids share the expenses?

What is bachelorette party favors?

The bridal party members usually bear the cost of the bride's celebration at the bachelorette party (if it's a small one). As a token of appreciation, the bride is expected to buy small gifts like makeup accessories or custom-printed mugs for her bridal party members. However, if the expenses are shared among all members, including the bride, then anyone can buy favors because who doesn't like gifts?

Who plans and pays for the Bachelorette party?

Most Bachelorette (or Bachelor) parties have someone who is more organized or enjoys math than the rest of the group, so assigning this responsibility to plan and keep records to that person is a good idea. The maid or matron of honor (often the bride-to-be's friend) can also look after this personally or assign someone for financial tasks. As a general rule, everyone in the bridal party shares the bill. This important member of the wedding party is often the one whose responsibility it is to push things ahead or lay down a credit card to secure reservations.

6 Steps for planning a Bach party

  1. Set the vision & budget– Do you prefer a relaxing night in to watch a movie or play a few games, or would you rather go on an exciting trip to a nearby theme park?
  2. Set the timeline & dates – Timeline details are determined by the specific tasks you plan to do. It's smart to put it on paper.
  3. Define responsibilities – Okay, who's going to arrange tickets or who's going to bring the drinks. Again write somewhere safe!
  4. Use central bank– Collect money from all party members and hand it over to the financial manager of bridal party so they can easily book or buy the stuff.
  5. Go shopping – Start buying stuff needed to decor or bach party favors so it's there when you need them.
  6. Use a tracking app – You can use modern mobile apps such as Splitwise or Venmo to keep track of expenses. There's also dedicated party management apps such as Bach.

Best Tips for Bachelorette party

  • Plan the bachelorette party without being afraid to talk to each other!
  • Discuss the evening's or trip's expectations (and restrictions) with the entire group and the bride to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Encourage Bride to chip in if this is going to be a destination bachelorette party.
  • Don't think too much about who's responsible for the party. Take the first step!
  • Plan well ahead to make you sure bookings take place for destination weekends
  • Keep a record of everything to ensure no confusion takes place in your mind
  • Go beyond the traditional bach party games and do whatever makes bride happy
  • Take heaps of photos and videos but only upload them the next morning because you know viral things on social media…


So there you have the ideas and guide on who pays for the bachelorette party. We also included the easy steps and tips for planning the best bachelor party to help you celebrate with your best friends! Let us know if you're still confused about who pays for the bachelorette party, and we will help you sort it out in a single response. Good luck with you bach party!

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