20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas

A tea party is a wonderful way to get to know your friends and family. A get-together with close friends and family is in order to mark such an important milestone. One of the most time-consuming tasks involved in hosting an event such as a tea party is planning it. It's time to send out the invitations, cook the food, and put the finishing touches on the decorations! If you want to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, you'll have to decide on the tea party favors.

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Be sure to start planning your wedding favors as soon as you start counting down the days until the big day! Wedding favors come in a variety of forms and sizes and can be tailored to meet any theme or style. It's also possible to buy heart-shaped tea bags and photo magnets for your loved ones.

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1. Tea Party Favor Boxes

With these Tea Party Favor Boxes, you may add a dash of whimsy to bridal showers, weddings, or any other event you may be planning.

Teapot-shaped favor boxes are a classy and entertaining way to convey your appreciation for the guests at your event. These adorable teapot favor boxes are just the thing for holding candies and other bite-sized treats. Fill them with modest delights, like a personalized tea sachet or a candy bar, chocolates, macaroons, or even Jordan almonds.

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2. Bridal Shower Tea Party Welcome Sign

Welcome your guests to your bridal shower, engagement party, or any other special celebration with this wonderful PRINTABLE welcome sign! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to cut costs while you are preparing your event!

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3. Paper Tea Cup Bridal Shower Favors With Saucer

Paper teacups and saucers are not only a popular choice for party favors, but they also look lovely on the table. These teacups and saucers are ideal for a tea party-themed bridal shower. Teacups like this one can be used to contain a wide variety of treats such as loose chocolates, miniature plants, jewelry/engagement rings, imitation cupcakes, or any other small party surprise you might have.

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4. Honey Jar Bridal Shower Favors

The addition of these Mini Honey Favors to your wedding shower tea party will be the ideal finishing touch!

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5. Mismatched Tea Cup & Saucer Party Favors

Using these lovely mismatched tea cups & saucers, you and your wedding shower guests can have a cup of tea together.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas6 2
20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas1 1

6. Bridal Shower Tea Infuser Test Tube Favors

Why not give your guests a beautiful tea gift as they leave? Glass test tube vials hold 10 different kinds of tea, each in a different flavor. This tea mix includes chamomile, jasmine, mallow, mystic, artisan, apple, lemon balm, rose, rose hip, and green tea.
Choose these tea infusers for your guests if you're looking for a favor that is both adorable and practical. Include them in one of your customized tea favors to give your guests a one-of-a-kind gift they'll cherish for years to come. A jute rope bow tie can be attached to the top of the glass tea test tube to give it a one-of-a-kind look.

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7. Porcelain Tea Bag Holder Trays For Tea Party Favors

Everyone requires a spot to set their used teabags down, so why not make it an attractive spot? While they sip on their steaming mugs of tea, your visitors will have the ideal spot to set their tea bags and spoons thanks to these porcelain tea holder trays in the style of teapots.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas1 3

8. Tea Bag Labels

Your love has brewed to perfection over the course of time. So, at your tea party-themed bridal shower, invite your guests to take a sip from gorgeous Tea Bags and allow that love be seen and experienced. 

These tea-labeled bags are a great way to package a delicious surprise for your guests. You can't go wrong with a goodie bag that's both sweet on the exterior and delicious on the inside. You can personalize your favors bags by adding text, designs, or photographs that match the style of your wedding or party.

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9. Tea Party Favor Tags

With the personalized favor tags, your tea party favors will have that extra special something that sets them apart from the rest.

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10. Par-Tea Favor Table Sign

Using this gorgeous par-tea table sign, you can let everyone know that they have found the correct place.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas2 2

11. Water Bottle & Juice Label Tea Party Bridal Shower

A variety of teas and coffees are a must at most tea parties in order to meet the dietary and taste preferences of all your guests. In addition, they may wish to experiment with a few new varieties they haven't previously tried.
A selection of drinks other than tea should always be on hand. Fresh lemonade, fruit juices, or smoothies are a wonderful way to cool down. A spa-like feeling can be achieved by providing everyone with lots of still water, which can be enhanced with a few fresh slices of cucumber, lemon, or orange.

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12. Advice Game & Recipe Cards Tea Party

The entertaining Bridal Shower Tea Party Advice and How Well Do You Know Her games are a great way to get the party started. Give the bride-to-be a recipe card with your favorite dish on it and she can make it herself.

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20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas3 2
20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas3 3

13. Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation

Prepare to start sending out tea party invitations! An invitation with a tea theme is a terrific approach to keep people informed of all the crucial details and encourage them to RSVP.
Invitations to a Bridal Shower Tea Party can be sent out in the most sophisticated manner possible. Everyone who is about to get married will appreciate this beautiful invitation to their bridal shower tea party. It's easy to add information about your event to the text. Make the back a solid color, a textured design, or plain white!

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14. Bridal Shower Tea Party Menu Cards

Are you looking for menu cards for a tea party wedding? You couldn't have found a better destination! Showcase your delectable menu on these gorgeous cards, which are the ideal size to fit a top each individual serving. Edit the food items with ease! Make the fonts, font color, and background color of this template correspond to the requirements of your event. Include complimentary cocktail napkins to complete the look of your table settings.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas4

15. Tea Party Muslin Favor Bag

In search of a delectable approach to present the favors at your upcoming tea party? These wonderful muslin favor bags are simply adorable when paired with the tea cups and teapots that you have selected. The bridal shower will be filled with “oohs” and “aahs” over this beautiful design.

This favor bag is sure to be a hit at your bridal shower tea party, as well as any other occasion! Include items such as coffee beans, mugs, candles, spoons, K-cup pods, sugar, soap, lottery tickets, notes, sweets, gift cards, jewelry, chocolates, snacks, games, crayons, pencils, coloring books, and so much more as gifts in your care package.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas4 2

16. Bath Salt Tube Favors

The bath salt test tubes are stunning, made from natural ingredients, and loaded with magnesium and other minerals that your body needs. These bath salts are the ideal tea party favor for wedding showers or any other occasion where you want to surprise and indulge your guests.

Give the gift of luxury to your guest by creating a home spa experience for them. Everyone is deserving of some quality time spent on themselves, including some pampering and self-care.

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17. Bath Bomb Favors

Give every one of the guests at your bridal shower a natural bath bomb to take home and use to relax after the event. Designed to keep your skin supple and moisturized with cocoa butter. Taking a bath with these natural and organic bath bombs will provide you with a wonderful and peaceful experience.
These bath bomb tea party soaps are perhaps the cutest things ever! Not only are they really adorable, but you also have the option of picking out your favorite scent to impart to your most cherished guests.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas4 3

18. French Teapot Cookies For Tea Party Bridal Shower

Table centerpieces are ready to go and look like traditional French teapots. A self-adhesive cellophane envelope will be used to package them. You are free to select the colors that you feel most comfortable with. Your monograms can be added to make them truly unique to you.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas5 1

19. “Mint To Be” Tic Tac Favor Labels

These personalized mint favor labels are a sweet way to greet your guests. Personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of their nuptials. Ideal for bridal showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, and other celebrations.
These gift bags have the romantic words “Mint to be” alongside your personal details. If you choose, you can add your own homemade mint candy or other sweets.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas6 1

20. Tea Party Candy Bar & Chip Bag

These scrumptious candy bars and chip bags will bring some much-needed color to the dessert table at your bridal shower tea. These labels for the Tea Party are amazing.

20 Unique Bridal Shower Tea Party Favor Ideas5 2

Common FAQs

What do you put on bridal shower favors?

Before your big day, show your friends and family how much you appreciate them by giving them a unique thank you gift. Put some of the most bridal shower favors: lip balm, sweets, candles, seed packets, key chains, honey jars, succulents, soaps, olive oil, tea, coffee, bath bombs, mints, and more!

What do you serve at a bridal shower tea party?

Desserts include mint radish tea sandwiches with lemon mayonnaise, as well as deviled ham-and-pecan tea sandwiches and horseradish-creamed Rose Beef Bites; current Scones; chocolate bars; and sugar cookies.

Who pays for the bridal tea?

If the host of the shower is responsible for paying, then it's expected that they'll do so. Even if the shower is hosted by a number of people, it is quite acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Plan a tea party with finger sandwiches, sweets, and lots of stories and laughter for the bridal shower if you want them to remember the day. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan an extravagant tea party. All of this must be completed ahead of time. To make sure that your guests and bridal shower have something more than a memory to take home from your Tea Party Theme wedding, you should present a few wedding favors.

Don't forget the matching invites and thank you cards as well as menus and signs. To thank your guests for coming, give them gifts like loose teas and biscuits. Prepare a memorable tea party for your bride-to-be with this useful advice!

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