Top 10 Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas to Love in 2022

Centerpieces set the tone for an entire wedding event, for instance, we choose lanterns for vintage weddings, mason jars for a rustic theme, and some gorgeous fancy tall designs for elegant fairy tale style.

Take, for example, the following rustic wedding centerpieces, which all have a pastoral feel about them. While no two arrangements are alike, we did observe certain common themes that you might want to discuss with your floral designer as you plan your own tablescape's decorations. What's first? Foliage in transition. While the rustic isn't generally associated with the autumnal (a rustic centerpiece can certainly include summer blooms! ), fall colors like burnt orange, yellow, and ruby red fit perfectly in. That's why multi-hued foliage is a lovely addition. Keeping it all green can still be rustic (as seen in this Bloom Babes and Joy n' Company tablescape!). All you have to do is substitute colorful branches for pine or eucalyptus.

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However, one of the most intriguing on-theme accents has nothing to do with the floral components of a centerpiece. Finally, the vase you choose has just as much of an impact on the style of the arrangement as the flowers themselves. You'll see how varied bases, such as wooden urns, vintage enamel water jugs, tiny clear vases, and polished bronze bowls, can discover your tabletop displays to new rustic heights in the gallery ahead. Click through to see all of these charming centerpieces—you never know, they might just inspire you to discover your own.


Here I've rounded up 10 wedding centerpieces that I love most for a rustic wedding. If you're planning a rustic wedding, these centerpieces will surely give you some inspiration.

simple rustic wedding centerpiece ideas
vintage rustic wedding centerpiece ideas with candle lights
wooden themed rustic wedding centerpieces
rustic wedding centerpiece ideas with wooden plates
rustic wedding centerpiece ideas with lanterns
rustic elegance wedding centerpiece ideas with lanterns and baby's breathe
country rustic wedding centerpiece ideas
chic rustic wooden plates wedding centerpieces

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