10 Cheap DIY Centerpiece Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Want to make the best DIY centerpiece on a tight budget? With just a few simple items, you can make wedding tables unique and eye-catching, making them look great.

Many low-cost wedding centerpieces appear to be more expensive than they are. Even if you only have a limited budget for your reception centerpieces, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. You want each wedding table to feel as if they've been treated with the same level of care.

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Looking at these DIY wedding centerpiece ideas will help you develop a unique design that will impress your guests. These centerpieces are not only inexpensive, but they are also simple and quick to make, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your wedding.

1. Destination Decor Globe DIY Centerpieces

Destination Decor Globe DIY Centerpieces

We love how adaptable this do-it-yourself wedding decor project is! You can paint a globe anyway you’d like and couple it with decor to complement your theme. Make a stunning DIY boho wedding centerpiece for your sweethearts table or welcome table using this tutorial's combination of books and potted cactus.

What You’ll Need:

White Globe on Gold Stand
Paint or Spray Paint
Paint Brush Pack

It all comes down to how good of a painter you are. If you want to keep things simple, spray painting the globe will produce a nice monochromatic appearance. If you’re an artsy bride, this DIY wedding centerpiece is a terrific way to show off your creative side.

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2. Flower Votive DIY Centerpieces

Flower Votive DIY Centerpieces

Rustic tablescapes benefit greatly from the addition of these feathery floral accents. Before you begin dipping your imitation flowers in plaster, prepare some faux flowers. When paired with a lace table runner, these DIY beautiful wedding centerpieces make for a stunning display.

What You’ll Need:

Faux Flowers
Wax Paper
Set of 8 Votive Candles (or Battery-Operated Votive Candles)
Lace Table Runners

Depending on the flowers you use, it may take a few tries to get the texture just right.

3. Faux Dahlia DIY Centerpieces

Faux Dahlia DIY Centerpieces

If you're new to DIY, this project appears more difficult than it is – and it's also rather inexpensive to make. Instead of going out of your way to buy pinecones, pick some up from the ground the next time you go for a walk. After that, use floral wire to arrange them in a tiny basket in your wedding colors. The complete instruction explains how to put it together (and tips to give them the appearance of mums instead). If you want to make your own wedding centerpieces without flowers, this is a terrific choice. If you haven’t DIYed, this is a detailed but manageable task.

What You’ll Need:

Paint Brushes
Floral Wire with Cutter
Floral Foam
Classic Baskets (or Paper Baskets)

4. Beach and Floating Candles DIY Centerpieces

Beach and Floating Candles DIY Centerpieces

If you don't have time to make the ocean-inspired mason jars, this little beach is a less time-consuming DIY centerpiece to put together. Fill some wood boxes with sand and shells (or make your own, as shown in this guide). Add some floating tea lights or candles to glass vases filled with water. This is a simple way to add your table numbers as well. Almost whatever you need can be found at a craft store or even a dollar store. No glue guns are required.

What You’ll Need:

Wood Planter Box
Extra Touches: Resin Starfish, Faux Pearls, and GlassFish

5. Sand Art Terrarium DIY Centerpieces

Sand Art Terrarium DIY Centerpieces

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With this charming DIY centerpiece, eco-friendly brides can grow their green thumb. Watch this DIY terrarium develop before your eyes with the correct amount of sunlight, water, and TLC. It's fairly simple to put together, but because these sprouts require time to develop, we don't recommend this guide if you're looking for a quick DIY.

What You’ll Need:

Glass Terrarium
Colored Sand
DIY Terrarium and Succulent Planter Kit

6. Rustic Wine Cork Vases DIY Centerpieces

Rustic Wine Cork Vases DIY Centerpieces

You may add some unique rustic details with these inexpensive DIY wedding centerpieces using dollar store vases and a passion for wine. You may make these vases to serve as centerpieces for your wedding and holiday parties using cube-shaped glass vases and a LOT of wine corks. The length of time depends on the size and quantity of vases you utilize. Slicing the corks is optional, according to this tutorial, so make sure you have the correct tools and stay safe!

What You’ll Need:

Cube-Shaped Vases
Wine Corks
Locite Super Glue Gel Control

7. Sparkling Baby’s Breath DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Sparkling Babys Breath DIY Wedding Centerpieces

We love simple DIY wedding ideas that make a big impact, and this baby's breath arrangement is no exception. Break out the metallic spray paint and cover some blooms for a golden accent to your tablescape, whether you want to add a little glitter to plain glass vases or those metallic wine bottles. Who doesn't appreciate a craft that only requires a few supplies? It's no surprise that it's one of our favorite budget-friendly DIY wedding centerpieces.

What You’ll Need:

Faux Baby's Breath
Metallic Spray Paint
Cylinder Table Vases

8. Rose-Gold Wine Bottle DIY Centerpieces

Rose Gold Wine Bottle DIY Centerpieces

Once the rosé is gone, don’t be fast get dispose of those bottles until you’ve seen this suggestion for inexpensive DIY centerpieces. Before you get started, remove the labels from a few empty wine bottles by soaking them in water. After they’re clean and dry, spray paint each bottle with at least two coats of metallic paint. Glitter can be used to one to make an eye-catching accent piece. The spray paint is a smooth and rapid application, but put aside some extra time if you choose the glitter option.

What You’ll Need:

Metallic Spray Paint
Alternatively: Shop Glitzy Gatsby-inspired Wine Bottle Centerpieces

9. Disney-Inspired DIY Centerpieces

Disney Inspired DIY Centerpieces

This Cinderella-inspired pumpkin DIY centerpiece is a must-see for Disney-obsessed brides. We'll warn you once more: glitter is difficult to remove after use! But don't let it stop you from using Mod Podge and adding as much sparkle as you want. If you want your pumpkins to look like the ones in the photo, you'll need to apply many coats of paint on these cheap DIY centerpieces.

What You’ll Need:

Mod Podge Gloss
Pumpkinds to Glitterize

10. Sparkling Woodcut Decor DIY Centerpiece

Sparkling Woodcut Decor DIY Centerpiece

Do you want to make your own wedding centerpieces that aren't made of flowers? This is another one of those DIY wedding ideas that goes with almost any wedding theme. While the method is intended for coasters (which would make a fantastic rustic wedding favor), we've decided to use it for table decor instead. On top of these, how cute would those sugar fishbowl arrangements be? Glitter, on the other hand, takes a long time to clean up, so choose your workspace wisely!

What You’ll Need:

Handmade Modern Wood Rounds
Mod Podge Gloss

Final Thoughts

Wedding centerpieces, from lavish florals to simple lighting, are one of the most crucial aspects of your wedding day. The first step in infusing your particular taste throughout the design—specifically, the tables at your reception—is determining how much you're actually planning to spend. Try one of the above centerpiece DIY ideas at your wedding.

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