04 Types of DIY Wedding Flower Crown [Easy Steps]

Hairstyles with flower crowns are endless. This blog post from Emma Loves Weddings includes instructions for making a floral crown and a bridal flower wreath. Any attire may be made more elegant with the addition of a floral crown. If you're crafty and want to dress up, you can make your own flower crowns at home.

Picking your favorite flower is all that is necessary to create a floral crown. Using imitation flowers is fine for long-lasting gifts but if you want something that will always be fresh, real flowering is your best bet. To hang the flowers, you can use ribbon, twigs, or even wire. You can adjust the size of the ribbon because it can be worn by everyone. To help you get started, we've gathered a few DIY flower crown tutorials.

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DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps2

1. DIY Beautiful Fresh Flower Crown

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps3
Image Via: Pro Flowers

What you'll need

Make a beautiful floral crown of any size with this list of supplies! All you need are:

  • fresh flowers
  • floral tape
  • wire
  • craft wire
  • scissors
DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps1
Image Via: Pro Flowers

Use your imagination and experiment to determine which combination of florals and foliage will give you the greatest results. The first step in creating your very own flower crown is to select your preferred kind of flowers and then get started on the process.

How to Make Your Own Floral Crown with Fresh Flowers

Step One: Bend the wire to the required size

Wear a rustic wire headband you made into a circle the correct size for your head. In particular, you'll want to make sure that the hairstyle you choose for your wedding falls exactly where you want it.  Adjustments and bending into the shape of a clasp can be made by leaving about an inch or so on either end.

Use floral tape to secure the wire band –This will not only help hide the wire but will also add some stickiness, which will aid in keeping everything in place as your crown is being constructed.

Step Two: Cover the crown's base with foliage

Make sure the stems of the foliage are securely attached to the floral wire by using floral tape. What kind of crown do you want to make? That will guide your decision on the type of foliage to use.

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps2 2

Step Three: Make mini-flower bunches

In order to begin making a bouquet, the first thing you need to do is collect three different flowers and wrap floral tape around their stems. Be sure that the floral tape is wrapped around the stem of the flower all the way up to the flower's bud as tightly as possible. You may get a balanced look for your bouquet by putting some filler flowers in addition to the flowers that are the center point. After you have assembled approximately eight bunches, you are ready to begin adding them to your crown.

Step Four: Attach your flower arrangements to the crown

Take your first bouquet of flowers and attach the stems to your crown using floral tape or craft wire. Add extra blossoms on top of the stems to give the arrangement a finished, continuous look. It's best if the flowers are attached facing outwards to make the blooms pop. Until you're satisfied with the look of your crown, keep adding flowers!

Make sure your crown is evenly spaced by trimming the remaining stems once you have achieved your desired length and style.

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps2 1

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2. DIY Spring Flower Crown

When spring arrives, it's time for some springtime fun. Making a flower crown is one of many inventive options. It's a beautiful craft, and it can even make your hair seem better. If you don't have any other hair accessories, the flower crown will do its job just well. These simple instructions will help you create a spring flower crown that will stand out among the crowd.

What you'll need

We recommend selecting vibrant and eye-catching colors to complement the flower crown because it looks best when worn during the spring and summer months. Use the following list of items to create a stunning floral crown in any size you like! You will only require the following things:

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps4
  • Floral tape
  • Thick-gauge metal wire
  • Satin ribbon
  • Small pliers
  • Shears (or scissors)
DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps5 3
Image Via: Instructables craft

How to Make Your Own Spring Flower Crown

Step One: Get the wire ready

Start by making a loop with the pliers at both ends. From top to bottom, cover the wire with floral tape.

Step Two: Reduce the length of the stem

Prior to arranging any flowers, we must cut the stems shorter. This is essential to ensuring that they fit properly into the crown and that you are able to wear them comfortably on your head.

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps1 1

Step Three: Add a Flower and Continue

Get ready for some serious flower-making action as we continue to embellish the crown. After putting the first bloom as close to the loop as possible, wrap the short stem with floral tape to keep it in place.

The more flowers you can cram into the crown while still giving the idea that they are tightly packed and secure, the better; wrap the tape as close to the flower as you can. Floral tape should be wrapped around the following bloom in a similar manner.

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps1 2

Add more flowers and repeat the process, repositioning the stems lower and/or swapping the ends as needed to entirely fill the crown.

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps1 3

Step Four: Place a ribbon there

There is only one more step left to complete: adding the ribbon. An excellent idea is to use a white ribbon to coordinate with the flowers. So that you may tie a knot around your head and use the ribbon to bind the crown, the ribbon should be connected to the two loops. You can now put on your flower crown with confidence, as everything has been completed. You are going to look amazing!

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps1 4

3. DIY Silk Flower Crown

In the mood for oceanside nuptials on an exotic island? Don't forget your silk floral crown for this event! Silk flowers don't wilt in the sun, so you may use them for a tropical destination wedding and still have beautiful blooms!

Creating your own wedding flower crown is a terrific way to fulfill both your artistic and fashion sensibilities at the same time. With no two precisely alike, this is a great opportunity to explore and recreate. Invite your friends over for brunch or happy hour and set up a flower crown bar so they can all construct their own flower crowns.

DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps 1
Image Via: AFloral

What you'll need

  • Floral tape
  • Tropical Silk Flowers from AFloral
  • Faux tropical greenery
  • Artificial Succulents
  • Bark Covered Wire
  • Wire Cutters
DIY Wedding Flower Crown In Easy Steps 2

How to Make Your Own Silk Flower Crown


After this, you're all set for the wedding of your dreams in your favorite destination!

4. DIY Lavender Flower Crown

Lavender Flower Crowns are a must-have for any wedding. Instead of wearing a veil, the bride preferred to wear a floral crown. You may produce boho and romantic hairstyles with a lavender flower crown. The crown may be tied with a ribbon to fit any size head. At a wedding, anniversary, or any other special occasion, flowers are a great way to express your feelings and convey your thoughts.

2 1
Image Via: AFloral

What you’ll need

  • Floral Tape
  • Artificial Lavender
  • Artificial Baby's Breath
  • Artificial Box Wood
  • Bark Covered Wire
  • Wire Cutters
3 1

How to Make Your Own Lavender Flower Crown

1 1
2 2
3 2

Now that you've mastered the fundamentals of making a DIY flower crown, it's time to get creative!

Facts You Should Know About Flower Crowns

To successfully wear a flower crown, you will only require two things- You only need self-assurance and a broad smile to succeed. On the day of your wedding, if you don't feel comfortable wearing a large floral crown, go instead for something modest and delicate that you can wear comfortably but that will still have a significant influence on your entire appearance.

The flower crown can be worn with virtually any hairstyle It's common knowledge that wearing a larger flower crown with your hair down makes it seem nicer, but the truth is that it all depends on your own particular style and the contours of your face. However, braids and crowns are without a doubt the nicest combo. Braid styles such as the crown braid, fishtail braid, and side braid all look beautiful when paired with floral headpieces.

You don't have to be a bohemian bride to wear one of these– A traditional bride will look lovely with the lily of the valley as her bridal flower of choice. You may also achieve a more refined appearance by wearing the flowers towards the back of your head rather than adorning the front of your head with them. If you are still unsure about whether or not a crown will go with your non-boho dress, you can simply wear a stunning white flower such as a gardenia in your hair, which can still make an impact.

Common FAQs

What is the minimum number of flowers required to make a floral crown?

One to two large flowers should be used for each crown, and three to five smaller flowers should be used as accents. You don't want to use too many enormous flowers because then the crown will be too heavy and it will take up too much space. In addition, select a few individual stems of greenery or foliage to be used as filler in the arrangement.

What kind of wire is typically utilized for the construction of flower crowns?

 Floral Wire – You will require wire with a gauge of 22 inches as well as wire with a gauge of 26 inches. When building the crown shape, if you only have a wire with a gauge of 26 inches, you need simply to make sure to double it so that the wire is stronger. Floral Stem Wrap – This is the same type that is used for corsages and boutonnieres. It is a self-sealing wrap that adheres to both itself and the flower stems.

How can one build a floral crown if the wire is not available?

 Take the flower that will serve as the beginning point with one hand, and then place another flower on top of the first one, but just below it. You will begin by wrapping the stem of your second flower behind and over the stem of the first flower, and then you will line the stems so that they are overlapping one another. Proceed with the next flower in the same manner as you did with the previous one.

What kinds of flowers are used to make flower crowns?

The most beautiful flowers for crowns… Rosemary, lavender, berries, spray roses, little poms, strawflower, wax flower, eucalyptus, tiny chrysanthemum blossoms, Craspedia (billy balls), and anything else that can last without being submerged in water are all excellent choices for dry arrangements.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a flower crown is a fantastic idea at all times. Whether you're attending a wedding or a festival, a flower crown is a charming way to complete your getup and look. Fresh flowers are the only way to create an aromatic flower crown that reflects the season. We hope that these simple flower crowns yourself will inspire you to make something equally beautiful for someone else.

Images via: Late afternoon / Instructables craft / Pro Flowers / AFloral

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