Top 10+ Winter Wedding Colors Palette Ideas for 2023 & 2024

The Shining Color Combinations That Will Light Up Your Winter Wedding Day!

Winter weddings are a wonderful occasion to make use of the chilly color palette that characterizes the season. If you've settled on a chilly affair and are still in the early stages of planning, it's easy to feel constrained—especially when it comes to winter wedding colors. However, we're here to remind you that you don't have to restrict yourself to the conventional colors associated with a winter wedding. These cozy winter wedding color schemes are inspired by the absolute romanticism of the season. If you are planning a warm “I do” during the winter months and are looking for inspiration for color palette ideas, go no further than these best wedding colors for winter.

Festive colors and modern interpretations like burgundy, black, blue, emerald green, and brown can all be used in winter wedding color palette. We also adore the traditional monochrome style of berry red or green.

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Red+ Green + White

During the cold winter months, a wedding with a Christmas theme is a lovely way to express your love for one another. Traditional winter wedding color schemes include a white wedding gown and red bridesmaid dresses. Weddings can be made more festive with the creative use of candles, pine cones, ornaments, and wood slices.

Wedding invitation in a red, and white wedding cake with green decorations, black suit with an icy blue tie. Whether you desire a white Christmas wedding or a colorful affair, there are many unique ideas for winter wedding colors you may incorporate into your décor.

Red and Green Winter Wedding Colors Ideas For Christmas Wedding
Red and Green Winter Wedding Colors Ideas For Christmas Wedding

Emerald Green+ White + Gold

White and green are the major seasonal colors during the winter. Due to its elegance and glitz, an emerald green, white, and gold wedding color palette provides a theme that is appealing and captivating. The choice of emerald green for your winter wedding is a deeply symbolic gesture.

Bring the outdoors inside for your wedding ceremony and reception, and add some gold accent colors to make it sparkle. If you use too much gold, these winter theme colors could come out as excessive. However, using a neutral color of white or emerald green and adding gold accents will give it the majestic aspect that so many ladies desire.

Emerald green white and Gold winter wedding colors ideas
Emerald green white and Gold winter wedding colors ideas

Red + Gray + White

This is what we mean by a “balanced” approach. Winter wedding colors palette ideas that are simple yet beautiful include a white wedding dress with red bridesmaids and gray heels and tables set with grey and red napkins and a winter wedding cake. The lavishly decorated castle or church would look stunning with this combination on your big day.

Red Gray and White Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Red Gray and White Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

Navy Blue + White

The timeless pairing of navy blue and white is a dazzling choice for a winter wedding. Always in style and giving off an air of grace, these colors work well together at any time of year. Imagine the bride in her pristine white dress, contrasted beautifully with bridesmaids in stylish navy outfits. Envision a seamless visual effect created by using different shades of blue like dusty blue for the cake and invitations. The combination of blue and white is both classic and modern, making it a beautiful wedding color inspiration.

Navy Blue and White Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Navy Blue and White Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

Red + Brown

The perfect fall or winter wedding colors are reds and browns. These tones of the earth are so vibrant and full of life that they perfectly symbolize you're happily ever after. These wedding colors for winter are warm and inviting, like the anticipation of a delicious feast. Avoid overusing brown and instead rely on splashes of red with rose gold to draw attention.

Red and Brown Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Red and Brown Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

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Ice Blue + Silver

An ice blue and silver color scheme creates a stunning and cool winter wonderland feel. If done right, this combination can be incredibly beautiful. These shades of blue and silver are truly enchanting! Both color palettes harmonize well together, matching the groomsmen and bridesmaids seamlessly. Plus, they easily accessorize with your white gown.

Ice blue and Silver Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Ice blue and Silver Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

Rustic Brown+ Black

Brown colors are commonly associated with vintage or country theme weddings. Natural rustic components such as burlap, wooden crates, and tree stumps all share this color. These rust color palettes are ideal for the boho bride. To make the bohemian style winter wedding colors stand out, pair them with black wedding decor.

Rustic Brown and Black Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Rustic Brown and Black Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

Embrace the magic of individuality with our Boho Wedding Theme Ideas, designed for couples whose love knows no bounds. From rustic elements to vibrant hues, find inspiration for a wedding as unique as your love story.

Blush Pink + Gold

When think of a beautiful, romantic wedding style, the first thing that comes to mind is a Blush pink and gold color scheme. Everything from the floral arrangements to the cake can be decorated with gold and blush pink combination. Add a hint of spring wedding color palettes and this look becomes one of our favorites.

Blush Pink and Gold Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Blush Pink and Gold Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

Amethyst + Lavender

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to be miserable. Brown and white fur toppers to match your Lavender bridesmaid dresses will not only keep you warm but will also look fantastic. It's the perfect seasonal winter wedding color palette, matching well with other amethyst colored decorations and adding a touch of winter warmth.

Amethyst and Lavender Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Amethyst and Lavender Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

Red + Black Buffalo Plaid

Every bride's ideal winter wedding color scheme is red and black. Rustic weddings are currently one of the most popular wedding trends. A Buffalo plaid wedding elevates western themed wedding decorations by emphasizing a red and black color palette. Additionally, a wedding with red and black Buffalo plaid color combinations exudes warmth and coziness, making it ideal for celebrations with a Christmas theme.

Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Christmas Themed Winter Wedding Colors Ideas
Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Christmas Themed Winter Wedding Colors Ideas

More Winter wedding color Ideas

Whether your style leans towards rustic, contemporary, bohemian, or traditional, these wedding color combinations can be applied to all elements of your wedding. Let these winter color ideas inspire your wedding day, crafting a festive color palette that is as unforgettable as your love story.

Sage Green + Gold

Wedding color combos like sage green and gold are a breath of fresh air because they combine the peace of nature with a touch of elegance. As an elegant neutral wedding color, sage green provides a serene backdrop for the shimmering gold embellishments. Your wedding will have a setting that is both modern and pleasantly original if you choose this theme, which combines the natural beauty of the outdoors with classic elegance.

winter wedding sage green and gold colors palette ideas
winter wedding sage green and gold colors palette ideas

Burgundy + Blush

Add a hint of blush pink to your burgundy winter wedding colors for a romantic and feminine look. Incorporating this color scheme into your small floral arrangements, table settings, and even favors is a great idea for a spring or fall weddings. The burgundy gives a rich and dramatic flare, while the blush pink softens the otherwise daring color scheme.

burgundy and blush winter wedding color palette ideas
burgundy and blush winter wedding color palette ideas

Black + White + Green

Black and white weddings are classic and always look elegant, when paired with green, they create the perfect setting for a wedding with a garden theme. Whether in fall or winter, dressing your wedding in green, black and white is simply stunning.

black white and green winter wedding colors ideas
black white and green winter wedding colors ideas

Common FAQs On Winter Wedding Colors

Top winter wedding colors ideas
Top winter wedding colors ideas

What is the best color to wear for a January wedding?

Shades like green, gold, black, blue, purple, and berry are typically used for a wedding in the winter since they are more subdued and darker than those used in the summer.

What are the best colors for December?

December is a month of blues and greens. In December, you should wear a blue topaz because it is your birthstone. For the month of December, turquoise is a suitable alternative birthstone. In the month of December, all colors represent joy, success, and wealth.

What are the best colors for a winter wedding?

Common winter wedding colors include red, burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue.

What are the wedding colors for 2023?

Colors include Emerald Green, Moss Green, and Rust. That color scheme will remain popular for weddings in 2023. The wedding match would seem much fresher if you use a lighter shade of green. Velvet in emerald green is another stylish and significant component.

Is a winter wedding a good idea?

A wedding in the winter is great for your bottom line. You may be able to save a lot of money by having your wedding in the winter, you may have an easier time booking your dream venue and vendors, and your guests will be fresh and ready to party because they won't have wedding fatigue.

What are the wedding colors for 2024?

The predicted wedding colors for 2024 are Apricot Crush, a variety of earth tones, neutral and metallic hues and a mix of warm tones including green, lavender and yellow. These color schemes blend tradition and modernity and can be adapted to your personal style.

Can I incorporate holiday-themed colors in my winter wedding?

Yes, certainly! Classic holiday colors such as red, green, gold, and silver can be tastefully incorporated for a festive touch. Just be mindful of not turning your wedding into a holiday party.

Final Thoughts

I think a wedding in the winter is a fantastic idea. With all the twinkling decorations and cozy evenings spent together by the fireplace, winter is undeniably a romantic time of year. You will feel every possible feeling while reading this. It's time to start thinking about the winter wedding colors, as they will determine the overall vibe of the event. The wedding theme is a major determinant of the bridesmaid's dress color. I know that winter weddings aren't the norm, but I find that they have their own unique beauty. A wedding in the wintertime may be made even more magical by using one of the many stunning color palettes featured in our Winter Wedding Color Palettes Ideas gallery.

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