Top 10 Winter Wedding Color Ideas for 2020

winter wedding colors

The winter months may be the least popular time of year to get married, but in reality, winter weddings are seriously underrated. When you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s even more important to create an atmosphere and add a little style and personality to your day – and using color is a great way to do it. However, winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to green and red, and making the whole thing look like a giant Christmas party. Check out these gorgeous winter wedding colors and get inspired.

Copper and Greenery
copper and greenery winter wedding colors

Airy Blue and Silver
airy blue and silver wedding color ideas

Gray and Tan
chic gray and tan winter wedding color ideas

Woodland and Greenery
rustic woodland and greenery winter wedding color ideas

Dusty Blue and Gray
dusty blue and gray winter wedding colors

Jade and Tan
jade green and tan winter wedding color ideas

Neutral Colors
neutral rustic winter wedding color ideas

Shades of Blue
shades of blue winter wedding color ideas

Red Green and White
red white and green winter wedding color ideas