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Where a Mouse Can Make You a Spouse!

Do you still have vivid memories of winning at the arcade, having fun running around in the play area, and enjoying that mouthwatering pizza? Now, imagine a wedding where you can relive those magical moments. A dream come true, right? In any case, Chuck E. Cheese is here to make it a reality. When you think of kids birthday parties, pizza and arcade games, you probably think of Chuck E. Cheese. The family entertainment center is now offering wedding packages, each of which is guaranteed to be unique and full of laughs, games and a touch of nostalgia for people of all ages.

What is Chuck E Cheese?

Chuck E. Cheese is a popular food chain and family entertainment center in the U.S. and a few other countries. It was established in 1977 by Atari co founder Nolan Bushnell and has its headquarters in Irving Texas. Chuck E. Cheese's April 1st post about hosting weddings caught the attention of adults with a child at heart. Fans are now eagerly trying to wed at Chuck E. Cheese!

The Supreme Wedding Ceremony

Chuck E. Cheese may be most known for its arcade games, but they also have a lovely venue for weddings. If you want your wedding day to be perfect, then you need the supreme ceremony package.

Wedding Officiant

A Chuck E. Cheese wedding is unlike any other because the groom and bride can get married in front of Chuck E. Cheese himself. Can you imagine the joy of having famous Mouse officiate over your nuptials?

Cotton Candy Bouquet

A cotton candy bouquet is a whimsical and special accent to your Chuck E. Cheese wedding. This bright and cheery arrangement is ideal for the celebrant who wants to have a little fun on their big day. Guests of all ages will love the bouquet, which may be made to match your wedding's color palette.

Wedding Vows

One of the most important parts of your wedding ceremony is your vows, and we want to help you make them special. The bride carries a bouquet made of cotton candy as she makes her way down the aisle to exchange vows with her groom. And the wedding bells rang? They sound suspiciously like a big jackpot.

chuck e. cheese wedding ceremony package
chuck e. cheese wedding ceremony package

Wedding Reception

When it comes to wedding planning, many guests look forward to the reception more than anything else – that's where the real fun begins. Everything from exquisite food and entertaining games and activities to a joyful celebration of your everlasting love is included in a wedding reception package. There will be an interactive dance floor and music provided by DJ Munch, as well as a delicious multi tiered pizza cake serving as the wedding centerpiece of the reception.

wedding play activities at chuck e cheese
wedding play activities at chuck e cheese

The Dream Wedding Team

Chuck E. Cheese has a dedicated team that will make sure everything goes properly on your special day. They'll help you create a wedding package that's personalized for your specific needs and budget.

your dream team at chuck e cheese wedding package
your dream team at chuck e cheese wedding package

The Serenader

During the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, a serenader can perform, serenading you and your guests with beautiful tunes and songs. Having a serenader perform at your event may elevate the mood and enrich the experience by adding a dash of sophistication and romance. The loving hound Jasper T. Jowls performs the role of the serenader. The ceremony is elevated to something special by the whimsical and nostalgic quality of his music.

Ring Bearers 

The ring bearer gives the rings to the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony to symbolize their commitment to one another and the love they share. The lovely chicken, Helen Henny, is serving as the ring bearer. She'll make your ceremony memorable by flying down the aisle with your rings in her hands.

Emotional Support for Wedding Tears

Chef Pasqually from Chuck E. Cheese would love to make an appearance at your wedding. He will take pictures with your guests and liven up your special day by adding some fun and excitement. His audible sobs in the crowd will bring a touch of humor to the event, guaranteeing that your wedding will be a joyful and entertaining celebration.

Bonus Package

Limited-Edition Chuck E. Collector Cups

The exclusive Chuck E. Cheese collector cups are another great addition to the Chuck E. Cheese wedding package. Guests at your wedding would forever cherish these cups as a memento of the occasion. The iconic Chuck E. Cheese logo appears on each cup as a constant reminder of the joy and celebration that marked your wedding day.

Wedding Favors

The guests can select their own wedding favors from the prize counter provided by Chuck E. Cheese. It's a great way to get everyone involved in celebrating the happy occasion.

Prenup Plan

For those who want to make sure their marriage is as successful as possible, Chuck E. Cheese first of all provides a prenuptial agreement. Chuck E. Cheese has its own version of prenup plan, and it's a lot of fun to read.

E-Tickets and Prizes

Chuck E. Cheese's e-tickets and prizes are a wonderful addition to the event. You can buy whatever you want with the e-tickets that you earn by playing games. There is a wide variety of prizes up for grabs at Chuck E. Cheese, including toys, electronics and gist cards.

Common FAQs

Can adults have a wedding at Chuck E. Cheese?

Yes, Adults are welcome to tie the knot at Chuck E. Cheese. It's a unique and lighthearted venue choice that can create a memorable celebration for everyone.

What is included in a Chuck E. Cheese wedding package?

Chuck E. Cheese offers wedding packages that include everything from a specific event space to a unique ceremony hosted by Chuck E. Cheese himself, as well as access to the venue's arcade games and attractions, food and beverage selections, and helpful staff. The specifications could change based on your location and the selected package.

Has anyone ever been married at Chuck E Cheese?

To answer your question-yes, Gary Hardwick, 19 and Almeda, 72, fell in love after meeting at a Chuck E. Cheese's birthday celebration. The couple tied the knot two weeks later.

How can I book a Chuck E. Cheese wedding?

The booking session starts on April 31. The Chuck E. Cheese website allows you to plan your wedding.


It's possible that themed or vintage weddings will become more popular as a result of these unconventional wedding packages, which would be a benefit for those who wish to forgo convention in favor of something more personal. If you want to get married in a style that is both memorable and lighthearted, a Chuck E. Cheese wedding package may be just what you're looking for! Despite the fact that Chuck E. Cheese's original announcement of wedding packages was an April Fool's Day prank (Please note that the disclaimer was part of the original April Fool's Day release and shouldn't be taken seriously), several engaged couples have expressed interest in booking a ceremony there.

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