30+ Retro & Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Weddings are one of the most popular places to wear vintage-inspired wedding dresses, and it's not just for the bride. For your wedding, you can incorporate retro elements like a retro hairdo and accessories, or you can go all out and have a vintage wedding theme.

Retro & vintage wedding hairstyles beauty trends are great options for brides-to-be who want to look their best on their wedding day. We have compiled for you a variety of classic vintage & retro wedding hairstyle ideas, from stylish greased back hair to opulent and romantic waves. Take a peek at them to get a taste of the enchanting ambiance of the past century.

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1. Vintage Or Retro Updo Wedding Hairstyle

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, a vintage or retro updo never goes out of style. This hairdo from the 1940s is an excellent choice for a bridal dress of any kind. If you have long or medium-length hair, this would be an excellent choice. For a twisty updo, finger wave updo, Victorian twists, or even a stunning top knot, you have a variety of options. This hairstyle is adaptable and can be worn in a variety of ways.

2. Bouffant Updo Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

Another hairdo that retro-style brides might love is the bouffant. Depending on the design of your dress, you can choose whether or not you want it to be real, a bit low, or hang to the sides. The bouffant updo hairstyle is usually a stylish and convenient choice. It's simple to accomplish and advantageous to anyone.

For the most part, there is no need for a veil or other large statement headpieces with a bouffant because it looks great on its own. With this hairdo, you don't have to overdo it. Your guests and your partner will both be impressed when you wear it with the appropriate earrings or set of jewelry.

3. Chignon Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

In the 1990s, the chignon, a classic formal hairstyle, was very popular. It's no surprise, then, that it's back! The chignon adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to any look. For medium- or long-haired brides, the chignon is an ideal choice for vintage wedding hairstyles. It looks stunning with a silk slip-style wedding gown, making it perfect for modern brides who prefer a more elegant look.

Whether it's worn with or without a wedding veil has no effect on its appeal. It also looks amazing in most face shapes.

4. Beehive Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

A '60s hairstyle that's as sophisticated as it is glitzy! The beehive is one of the most popular vintage wedding hairstyles updos on our list. This soft beehive up-do with a twisted French roll is ideal if you're seeking a beautiful bridal hairstyle with a vintage romance flair.

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It's versatile enough to work for both medium- and long-length hair. At the very top, in the middle, or far lower. Half-up and half-down variations are also possible. An elegant beehive will transport your guests back in time to a time when love, romance, and superb fashion were all the rage. If you choose, you can raise or lower the height of your beehive. Add a wedding veil for an extra romantic touch.

5. Half Up Half Down Vintage Retro Wedding Hairstyle

Your options for half-up hairstyles for a retro wedding are practically unlimited. With so many options, making a selection can be difficult. Are you going for a full-on updo or a half-updo with waves and twists underneath?

You have the option of cute curls or a beautiful and refined ponytail done with loose curls in every scenario. You have the option of wearing your hair up or to the side. Finding the right headpiece or vintage accessory is all it takes to bring an ensemble together. An altogether different look is created when the half-up, half-down technique is applied this way.

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6. Vintage Old Hollywood Waves Wedding Hairstyle

These luscious Hollywood waves, made renowned on the red carpet during Hollywood's golden era, are elegant, seductive, and simply stunning wedding hairstyles. In the 1920s, finger waves became a popular style, but in the 1940s, they became softer and more voluminous, making them ideal for bridal dresses of all shapes and sizes.

Modern Hollywood waves are thick and voluminous, yet they're also fresh and natural at the same time. You don't want your Hollywood waves to become too vintage or antiquated, despite the fact that they're known as retro waves. If you're wearing a veil, this sleek and classic style is a great option for your wedding day. The last touch to this stunning vintage look is a strong red lip and a ferocious cat-eye winged liner.

7. Vintage-Inspired Wedding Hairstyle With Ponytail

For a vintage ponytail, apply more volume to the top than you normally would. African American vintage bridal hairstyles and long vintage hairstyles can benefit from a ponytail. Make your outfit stand out by accessorizing it with a hairpiece, lace, or flower crown.

8. Vintage Wedding hairstyle With Finger wave

For a vintage-themed wedding, you'd want everything to fit together perfectly.  Starting with the vintage decorations for your wedding and moving on to your gown and, finally, your hair. Short to mid-length hair of all kinds might benefit from the Finger Wave style, which is inspired by the roaring twenties. Make a sleek bun at the nape of the neck with long hair and don't be afraid to accessorize with a vintage-inspired headpiece.

To keep your bridal makeup in keeping with the era, choose a dark lip, smoky eyes, and long, lush lashes.

9. Retro Hairstyle with Headband

Try out this retro hairstyle for the bride who likes to wear headbands! Clips and headbands are common accessories in vintage hairstyles, which often have a lot of volumes.

Headbands are suitable for hair of different lengths and thicknesses. A couple of different headbands will allow you to experiment with different hairstyles. How about this? Those with round faces should avoid using a headband because it will make their face appear rounder. In order to avoid the appearance of an overly round face, wear a wider headband a little over the forehead with some tendrils left in place.

10. Vintage Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

Many different styles of veils exist! When it comes to going retro for your wedding attire, the bridal veils are by far the most exciting component. A beautiful, interesting, and unique veil that may entirely alter your appearance and transfer you to a new time period is at your disposal. The vintage wedding hairstyles with a veil you choose should also influence your veil choice.
As far as the curtain is concerned, this will go a long way.

Wispy lace-drop veils that may be worn with practically any hairstyle are the latest trend. Flyaway veils that are perfect for tea-length gowns. On to the gorgeously long mantilla veils of 17th-century Spain. In a discussion of vintage bridal veils, the birdcage veil or the Juliet cap veil of the 1950s must be mentioned.

Common FAQ On Vintage Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

What is a vintage hairstyle?

fashion trends from the past that are making a comeback are referred to as “vintage.” Volume, sleekness, clips, and headbands are all common features of vintage hairstyles.

Which Vintage hairstyle is best for weddings?

Big, voluminous Old Hollywood waves, victory rolls, and majestic updos embellished with vintage pins and headbands are timeless styles that are ideal for weddings.

How do I choose a hairstyle for my bride?

For your trial, make an appointment with a stylist. Bring a photo of your outfit, including your jewelry and hat. Do not be afraid to show off your wedding dress inspiration.

What is the classic length for vintage hair?

Any length of hair can be modeled in a vintage hairstyle. Long hair is excellent for dramatic updos, while shorter hair works well for curled styles.

For a vintage-inspired bridal look, what are the best hair accessories?

For a vintage-inspired bridal look, headbands and huge clips are fantastic choices. For a genuinely old-fashioned style, delicate flowers and jewel-encrusted accessories add a lovely touch.
When it comes to veils, a short or birdcage veil is ideal for a vintage-inspired hairdo. Look for a long, dramatic veil with lace embroidery if you want to look like you stepped back in time.

Final Thoughts

For many fashion icons and celebrities, vintage hairstyles are a favorite and are never out of style. It's true that some of them, like Dita von Teese, have made this timeless retro style of the 1940s their way of life, but this is an exceptional circumstance.

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