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35 Pretty and Bright Sunflower Wedding Ideas


Who doesn’t love sunflowers? They are bold, fun, and cool, and will make your big day fabulous. Sunflowers are perfect for summer and fall weddings, and there’re a thousand ways to incorporate them into your big day, from the bouquet to wedding reception decorations. What’s more, you don’t have to break the budget to have those fresh and bright flowers on your big day. There is something so romantic and wonderful about a wedding designed around sunflowers. If you love sunflowers and want to include them in your wedding design or theme, check out these pretty and bright sunflower wedding ideas and get inspired.

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Sunflower color themes for weddings

With other warm colors, sunflowers frequently go well. Sunflowers and burgundy colors go well particularly well, in our opinion. The bright sunflowers contrast beautifully with the depth of the burgundy. It's ideal for weddings in the fall or for brides who want a striking appearance.

Sunflowers, on the other hand, can also go nicely with light colors like white and cream. A more airy ambiance that is ideal for summer weddings can be produced by using a softer color scheme.

Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Sunflowers go well with red roses, dahlias, and carnations if you want variety. Sunflowers combined with amaryllis, tulips, anemones, marigolds, and zinnias give off an earthy vibe. Oriental poppies mix well with red roses, sunflowers, beautiful yellow begonias, and pansies for a traditional yet delicate appearance.

Sunflowers are a common choice for bridal bouquets in the late summer and fall because they are bold, vibrant, and constantly happy. Let's have a look at a few of our favorite sunflower wedding bouquets that are appropriate for any kind of bride and any kind of wedding.

sunflower wedding bouquets

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bright wedding bouquet ideas with sunflowers
sunflowers blue hydrangea and eucalyptus wedding bouquet
sunflower cascading wedding bouquet ideas
summer wedding bouquet ideas with sunflowrs
pretty sunflower wedding bouquet with succulents

Sunflower Wedding Arches

For summer, late summer, and fall weddings, sunflowers arches are ideal. Sunflowers can be used in a zillion different ways on your big day, including your wedding arch, invitations, centerpieces, and wedding cakes. Additionally, you don't have to go beyond budget to have those vibrant, fresh flowers on your special day. View these lovely and cheery sunflower wedding ideas to feel motivated right away. Use these lovely suggestions to enhance your wedding with a sunflower theme.

outdoor country wedding arches with sunflowers

wedding arch and aisle ideas with sunflowers
sunflower outdoor wedding arch ideas
rustic sunflower wedding arch ideas
outdoor rustic sunflower wedding arch ideas
country wedding arch with sunflowers and burlap

Sunflower Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Sunflowers are typically utilized in a rustic wedding and blend well with other flowers and vegetation, making them wonderful natural wedding decorations. Sunflower bouquets with hints of other colorful flowers should be placed on either side of the aisle to create a stunning aisle for the wedding ceremony. These bouquets can be placed in copper or glass vases. For a special display, you could also tie them with blue ribbons and hang them from the arms of the aisle chairs.

rustic outdoor wedding decoration ideas with sunflowers

outdoor wedding decoration ideas with sunflowers
outdoor wedding aisle decorations with mason jars and sunflowers
fall wedding ceremony decoration ideas with sunflowers and garden roses
country wedding ceremony aisle decoration ideas with sunflowers
chic wedding aisle decorations with mason jars and sunflowers

chic rustic wedding decoration ideas with sunflowers

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Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces

Sunflowers can stand well on their own, whether you're planning a sunflower and rose-themed wedding or one with only sunflowers as the motif. Long-stemmed sunflowers can be arranged as vibrant wedding centerpieces in jars or bottles that aren't quite matched for a more informal or rustic appearance. Displaying lovely bunches of medium-sized sunflowers is also possible using distinctive copper or ceramic vases or bowls.

rustic wedding centerpiece ideas with sunflowers