13 Best November Wedding Colors Ideas 2023 Fall

Complement the fall season with the best November color palettes on your to-do list.

November marks the end of the fall or autumn season. Autumn hues are some of our favorites, so it’s no wonder we’re crazy about these fall wedding color palettes for November! Planning a wedding for the month of November allows you to take advantage of the colorful leaves as a backdrop for warm, earthy tones. Discovering the perfect color scheme for November weddings that harmonizes with the autumnal ambiance can prove to be quite a task.

Inspired by changing leaves, seasonal flowers, and fruits and veggies just waiting to be harvested, these November wedding colors come straight from nature to decorate your fall wedding. Let's take a look at some of the best ideas for November wedding colors to give your big day an autumnal feel.

What are the Most Popular Colors For November Wedding?

Yellow is the most popular November wedding color. Tans, gold, browns, teal, and other warm colors go well with November weddings but when combined with gray, makes create a pleasing balance of warm and cool tones.

You can't tell me that fall isn't the ideal season to say “I do” to someone.

A wedding in the fall provides one of the most magnificent settings a bride and groom can imagine. If you choose fall wedding colors, not only will your photos turn out beautifully, but you'll also feel like you have Mother Nature's blessing. The season of autumn is one of transition, expansion, and rebirth. The vibrant leaves around the ceremony are evidence of this.

Mustard Yellow + Merlot

The ideal color scheme to bring the fall season to life on your special day is one that features the rich red tones of merlot and mustard yellow. A wedding in November with these colors is a unique take on tradition. It has the perfect amount of brightness, which is balanced with the perfect amount of darkness, and because the tones are so warm, it immediately makes you think of fall.

The deep red tones of merlot and mustard yellow are the perfect wedding colors for November.
The deep red tones of merlot and mustard yellow are the perfect wedding colors for November (Photo credit: The Bold Americana/ Cloud Nine Photography/ C.Hope Photography / getcreativejuice.com/ Geoff and Lyndsi Photography)

Yellow is a symbol of intelligence, laughter, and adventure, and it is won by brides with an outgoing personality, so why not be the center of attention by wearing a yellow wedding dress?

Mustard + Greenery

The warm, earthy color mustard yellow is currently a trendy choice and a wonderful alternative for your November wedding colors. It's not one of the traditional color schemes for weddings, but it may make your wedding unique and leave an impression on your guests. It's lovely, and the color goes wonderfully well with greenery.

If you want to add elegance and warmth to your November wedding celebration, think about combining it with brown, green, and teal blue. To create a more subdued look, pair mustard with slate gray.

Mustard and green can add a touch of class and warmth to your November wedding color scheme.
Mustard and green can add a touch of class and warmth to your November wedding color scheme (Photo credit: Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses / Cheese Studio Fotografia / Olivia Marshall Photography / Liz Fogarty Photography)

Sea Glass+ Terracotta

Sea colors are a terrific way to bring some color to a fall wedding while still preserving the classic feel that neutrals offer. The sea glass is a special shade that has the capacity to calm and uplift you on a deep level.

Terracotta is the supporting color, and when combined with the sea glass, it creates a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. These colors are ideal for small weddings, so if you have an outdoor wedding in November, use them!

The November wedding colors of terracotta and sea glass create a warm and comforting ambiance when combined.
The November wedding colors of terracotta and sea glass create a warm and comforting ambiance when combined (Photo credit: Birdy Grey bridesmaid dress/ Photography by Constellations & Co. / Black Bird Tale Photography / Brian D Smith Photography)

As a member of the orange family, the terracotta wedding color scheme is warm and welcoming. The earthy tones of terra cotta are often chosen for weddings held in the fall. Add November wedding colors like yellow and gold to this for a more romantic, boho vibe

Burgundy + Blush

A classic, romantic November wedding color palette that is making a significant return is blush and burgundy. We are excited about this delicate, elegant, and romantic color scheme for a wedding, which offers countless alternatives for flowers and other decorations.

The fall season is great for burgundy and blush since they can be used with either cool or warm tones, as you can see in the inspiration boards below.

Burgundy and blush Fall November wedding color ideas
Burgundy and blush Fall November wedding color ideas

Blush is the lightest shade of pink, which is a popular color family. We all know and love the wedding color blush pink. It is a perfect color for weddings not only because it is easy to match, but also because of the charm it adds to your wedding.

Dusty Rose + Dusty Blue 

A fall wedding season wouldn't be complete, in my opinion, without this color of dusty blue. Such a classic, cool-toned color scheme for a November wedding. But with such elegance, dusty rose, its warmer sibling, isn't far behind in the popularity race. Why not blend the two colors together, then?

This palette of dusty blue and dusty rose colors mixes refinement with a touch of romanticism, and these colors are much more fascinating and dreamy. The combination of a traditional and modern approach is like having the best of both worlds.

Dusty rose and dusty blue fall November wedding color ideas
Dusty rose and dusty blue November wedding color ideas for fall season

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Marsala + Navy

If you're planning a fall wedding in November, consider using a rich Marsala wine and a deep navy blue as your wedding colors. By contrasting it with the luxurious depth of marsala, traditional navy blue is given a decidedly modern twist.

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These stunning autumn colors are becoming increasingly popular among brides.  Subtly blending navy blue and marsala can create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere for your wedding. When you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, this is the style to go for.

Marsala and Navy November Wedding Colors for fall season
Marsala and Navy November wedding colors for fall season

Navy Blue + Dusty Rose

It's time to reconsider pink since dusty rose is taking over as the wedding color of choice. This plain and muted tone pink, which is not overly frilly but rather classy, just makes it the ideal wedding color for any wedding decorating and goes well with the fall seasons. Navy blue is another color scheme for a fall wedding.

The combination of navy blue and dusty rose is perfect for a vintage wedding. It has a sophisticated yet classic appearance that is ideal for a dance floor event. The bride could add dusty rose petals to the décor to connect this color scheme.

Navy Blue and Dusty Rose Color Pallete for November Weddings
Navy Blue and Dusty Rose Color Pallete for November Weddings

Navy Blue + Mauve 

This classic and charming color scheme is perfect for making your wedding into a romantic event. The softness of mauve contrasts with the steadiness of navy blue, making for a beautiful wedding with the gloomy wedding color of fall. Use a color scheme of navy and mauve to capture the month of November's romantic melancholy in your wedding decor.

Navy Blue and Mauve Wedding Colors Work best for November weddings
Navy Blue and Mauve Wedding Colors Work best for November Weddings

Sure! Navy blue wedding colors are popular for fall weddings because they are versatile and can be paired with a variety of other colors to create a stunning pair. Navy is a timeless neutral that works for all wedding dress codes and styles.

Shades of Purple

Purple has also been often used as a fall wedding color in November. Holding a purple celebration is another common trend, which ranges from light shades of lavender, mauve, and lilac to deep plum and eggplant. We love the rich vision they provide. Spice up your big day with these stunning shades of purple.

Shades of Purple Wedding Colors Are considered the best November color pallete for fall season.
Shades of Purple Wedding Colors are considered the best November color pallete for fall season.

Taupe + Green 

With a taupe and greenery wedding, November is the ideal month to celebrate nature's splendor. Adding greenery to a taupe color scheme makes for a more attractive and natural rustic effect. Couples looking to have a traditional and elegant wedding would love this November wedding color scheme. Enjoy it!

Taupe and Green Wedding Colors Can work well in fall season for weddings in November.
Taupe and Green Wedding Colors work best in fall season for weddings held in the month of November.

Marigold + Black

Gold and yellow tones, like marigolds, are the first thing that comes to mind when I think about fall wedding colors. Since marigold is such a cheerful shade, they can be used to create a joyful and warm atmosphere for the wedding reception.

The color black is timeless and elegant. They work well together to provide a calming and pleasant effect, which is ideal for a laid-back wedding. For a wedding in November, the colors marigold and black work wonderfully together. However, they don't appear to be too alike!

If you're planning a wedding for the month of November, consider using marigolds and black as your main colors.
If you're planning a wedding for the month of November, consider using marigolds and black as your main colors (Photo credit: Polka dot wedding / tortowawakcji / Kyndal Elise Photography / I take you wedding cake/ Events by Sorrell / Zazzle)

Black and white wedding colors are timeless!”

Nothing beats black and white weddings for creating an effortlessly chic theme that is both classic and modern.The timeless combination of black and white in décor is likely to inspire both the happy couple and their guests.

Hunter Green + Gold

While hunter green may not be the first color that comes to mind when planning a wedding, when used as a theme, it can create a stunning and dramatic atmosphere. The charm of hunter green is captured by its ability to create a sophisticated yet rustic mood. To add a little drama and boldness to your fall wedding, try pairing hunter green with gold. It's a color that's very similar to emerald green.

Your November fall wedding colors should include hunter green and gold to provide some drama and boldness.
Your November fall wedding colors should include hunter green and gold to provide some drama and boldness (Photo credit: Laur Aann Miller/ Magdalena Studios Photography / Emma Anne Photography / Etsy)

Marigold + Pastel Pink

Marigolds stand for excitement and imagination. When choosing the best wedding colors for November, marigold yellow works well with pastel colors like pink and peach. The cool and warm colors in these mellow tones complement one another. Black, gray, green, and pink are some of our top colors to match with marigold.

As a wedding color for the month of November, marigold yellow pairs beautifully with pink,  peaches, and other pastels.
As a wedding color for the month of November, marigold yellow pairs beautifully with pink, peaches, and other pastels (Photo credit: James & Jess Photography / Ashley Baumgartner Photography /Jordan Weiland Photography)

Common November Wedding Colors FAQs

Is November a good month for weddings?

The short answer is yes. While the fall is the most popular season for weddings, November is one of the least popular months to marry compared to October weddings, making it a less expensive month for weddings.

Is November too late for a fall wedding?

No. Fall is a season to welcome change, celebrate the harvest, and use a more vivid color scheme. A wedding in late September through November is ideal because of the charm of fall, and this results in some of the best wedding pictures imaginable.

What should I consider when choosing November wedding colors?

Select a base color that will appear the most frequently throughout your wedding to serve as the foundation for your November color scheme. Next, pick colors that complement your main color and that you love. It is advisable to take your wedding venue into account when choosing your fall wedding color scheme. This will allow you to select wedding colors that will go well with the décor at your wedding venue.

Can I use bright or pastel colors for a November wedding?

Yes, you can definitely use bright or pastel colors for a November wedding. Just make sure to pair them with darker, more autumnal colors to balance them out.

How many colors should I use for my wedding color palette?

Wedding color palettes with more than four colors tend to look busy and disorganized. Having too many colors can make it difficult to balance the wedding theme elements such as dresses, decor and cake.


Remember, when selecting the perfect November wedding colors, don't limit yourself to the traditional hues found in nature such as vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. A fall wedding theme can be gracefully incorporated by using a variety of stunning jewel tones, rich earthy shades and bold dramatic colors to make it a true November wedding. It's perfectly normal to mix and match several color palletes until you find the ones that truly resonate with your style, so don't be afraid to experiment with different colors. If you're still undecided about the colors to use for your November wedding, feel free to take our ideas as a starting point to ignite your imagination and creativity. Hope you enjoyed this story, see ya later! Ciao!

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