Top 5 Shades of Purple Wedding Color Ideas

Purple, often associated with royalty, elegance and regality, is one of the most popular wedding colors which can be used in weddings at any season all the year round, such as light purples like lavender and lilac etc. in spring and summer weddings while dark purples such as mauve, eggplant, royal purple etc. in fall weddings. Check out these great purple wedding color ideas and get inspired.

Shades of Purple
This is for purple lovers with different shades of purple, which you can adjust the colors to matched with different seasons. If your wedding is in spring/summer, add more lighter purples; and if your wedding is in fall/winter, try some more darker purples.
shades of purple wedding color ideas

Plum and Gold
When plum combined with gold, it can easily create a touch of autumn. If you’re planning a fall wedding, this color palette can be taken into consideration.
plum purple and gold wedding color ideas

Amethyst and Tan
The color amethyst is a moderate, transparent purple. It creates a prefect chic rustic wedding when combined with tan color.
amethyst and tan wedding color ideas

Mauve and Dusty Rose
Dusty rose is a wonderful color for weddings. It is great with work with mauve. Bridesmaids in mauve bridesmaid dresses, some in blush and dusty rose standing aside bride in white wedding dress is so flattering.
mauve and dusty rose wedding color ideas

Lavender and Greenery
Lavender, as a light hue of purple, is always regarded to be great in spring weddings. It brings romance with its gentle color and wonderful fragrance. If you love the scent of lavender, it’s a lovely idea to incorporate the fragrant flowering plant into your wedding day.
lavender and greenery wedding color ideas

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