Top 10 Mother Of The Bride Speech- Tips and Examples

The father of the bride, the best man, and the groom all make speeches to the guests during a wedding. The mother of the bride plays an important and admired role in each wedding. However, the thought of standing up in front of an audience to deliver a speech might cause a great deal of anxiety. Don't worry; everything will be OK now. The proper framework and heartfelt, wise words for a mother-of-the-bride speech may be found in this helpful guideline.

Why is a Mother-Of-The-Bride Speech Important?

A mother of the bride may be asked to give a speech at a wedding if her husband, the father of the bride, has gone away or if her daughter's father is not present in her life and will not give a father of the bride speech. Someone must speak on the bride's behalf, and now is your chance, mom. The mother of the bride's speech is an opportunity to welcome guests to the wedding day and express her love and pride for her daughter. This is one of the most touching and unforgettable moments of the ceremony.

What Should I Say In My Daughter’s Wedding Speech?

You should start by expressing gratitude to all of your friends, family and other wedding guests for attending as you are sort of the wedding's host. The wedding reception was a lovely event thanks to everyone who helped with the arrangements. You should then compliment your daughter on how stunning she looks in her wedding dress —just like a real princess. Try not to degrade her or make her cry as you share a brief but interesting anecdote from her childhood and maybe mention some of funny wedding quotes.

You should tell your new son-in-law how much you value the way he respects your daughter and ask him to cherish and protect her. After that, you can wish the newlyweds well, ask the guests to get loose and have a good time and then wrap up your speech.

You can practice your speech in front of an audience during the rehearsal dinner if you're nervous about giving it at the real wedding. There will be the father and mother of the groom, the best man, the bridesmaids, the bride and groom, and maybe some additional relatives. Preparing the speech in front of an audience will help you calm your nerves.

what should I say in my daughter's wedding speech
what should I say in my daughter's wedding speech (Hana Laurie Weddings Photography)

Mother Of The Bride Speech Templates

Because every mother-daughter relationship is special in its own way, your mother-of-the-bride speech should reflect that individuality. However, your toast needs a few things in order to be complete. Here's an overview to help you get started.

mother of the bride speech templates
mother of the bride speech templates

Introduce yourself

This is a simple yet effective method to begin your toast. Everyone will know who you are and why you are giving a speech. Start your wedding speech with a brief fact if you have a fear of public speaking.

Thank Everyone for Attending

It's your responsibility to thank everyone who came to the celebration you organized. We appreciate you making the effort to be at our wedding. Everyone deserves to feel valued including the couple and guests. They came all the way there to share in your joy, so be nice to them.

Share Your Thoughts About the Bride

Your audience would enjoy hearing both touching and funny story about your beautiful daughter. It's time to share your beautiful memories of her and honor the contented woman she has grown into. Describe how beautiful she is in her wedding dress. On her big day, emphasize your daughter's greatest attributes by including and sharing uplifting and happy memories. Don't bring up her failed relationships, marriages, or unfulfilled objectives.

Acknowledge your son-in-law

The groom deserves some attention as well. And please don't just slap this on the end with a few short phrases. Consider the qualities that make the prospective spouse so ideal for your daughter. Which of her quirks is he able to put up with? What shared addictions do they all have? Tell the guests about the first time you met the groom and what you thought of him, then raise a glass to the qualities you like most in your new son-in-law. The mother of the bride's speech is guaranteed to be emotional.

Send your best wishes or words of wisdom to a happy couple

Wish your daughter and her new spouse well and share any marital advice you think they'll find useful. Make use of this opportunity to educate and entertain the public. If you’re not naturally funny, don’t force it, but feel free to throw in some one-liners, or hilarious anecdotes, with a side order of worldly wisdom.

Close with a toast

Raise your glasses to the happy couple and say something memorable, whether it's meant to make people laugh or to leave an impression they'll never forget. It can be funny or it might be really emotional or even a prayer.

Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech Tips

  • Note your thoughts Organization is key when creating a short and sweet mother of the bride speech. Write down your thoughts and keep track of them. Don't risk forgetting an important moment with your daughter by not putting your thoughts down on paper.
  • Don't pressure yourself to be funny Humor is enjoyable, without a doubt. But if being humorous isn't your thing, there's no need to force it on your daughter's special day. Always be true to who you are and what you believe in, and success will find you. Eventually, your daughter will love your message.
  • Keep it short but informative Mother of the bride wedding speeches should be kept to three to five minutes at most. Pay close attention and think carefully about this general rule of thumb. In any other case, guests would lose interest and look elsewhere for entertainment.
  • Practice It's a good idea to practice your mother-of-the-bride toast out loud and in private several times before the big day. The more you learn the speech, the more it will sound like a bundle of words, which is what we mean. Instead of awkward feelings that are difficult to express verbally. Speaking for longer or shorter periods of time and knowing when to pause takes practice.
  • Don't be afraid of crying Since you're the mother, the guests at the wedding know and accept that you'll likely shed a few tears. Do not worry about showing emotion, as no one will see it negatively. Most people will find it really touching, to the point that they may need a tissue themselves.

Each stone in the mosaic of sisterhood signifies a memory, a laugh, a cry, or an understanding that cannot be put into words. Keep in mind that the truest expressions of your love and admiration for her may be found in the shared experiences and secret wishes you've shared with her on this very special day. The story is already written in your heart, so look there for inspiration for your maid of honor speech.

Mother of the Bride Speech Etiquette

Dos and don'ts for mothers of the bride giving wedding speeches that are sure to bring tears to their daughters' eyes.

Do's and don'ts during mother of the bride speech
Do's and don'ts during mother of the bride speech

Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

Do you need some of the top mother of the bride speech examples to serve as a guide? Consider if you'd like your speech to be timeless, humorous, brief or a combination of these. Here, for your convenience, we've collected a few examples of mother of the bride speeches that may be used at weddings.

Mother Of The Bride Short And Sweet Speeches

“Hi everyone! To introduce myself, I am _, the mother of the beautiful bride. I'd would like to convey my warmest welcome to everyone who has joined us in celebration today. My daughter and her new husband and her parents and our family and friends are all here to celebrate this wonderful day. We are overjoyed and delighted beyond measure to celebrate today, the day that our Amy and David have become husband and wife. Just take a look at how stunning they are, and appreciate the natural beauty of the environment in which we are all gathered here today. It's the day every parent of a girl has been waiting for since the day she was born. am overjoyed for you both and send you my best wishes as you begin the new chapter of your story. Cheers, and best of luck!”

“Hello everyone! I'm [bride's] mum. Your parents already know how much we love our children. The process of seeing kids mature isn't always easy. You're so proud of them, but sometimes you long for the young girl who still holds your hand and who runs to you when she scrapes her knee. Now that time has passed, [bride] has matured considerably. I am pleased with the person she has become, and I give thanks to God for the love she has found in [groom]. I wish them a long, prosperous, and healthy life together.”

 “[bride] and [groom], your love for one other will last a lifetime and beyond. Acknowledge and celebrate each other's fears, hopes, and achievements. Because your dreams have become the dreams of each other. I hope that each and every one of your dreams comes true. My prayers are with you always, and I pray that God grants you health, love, and success.”

“It gives me great pleasure to be here as your mother, watching you both starting a new chapter in your life, and to my lovely daughter and her beloved partner. It makes me so happy and proud to see how much you have for one another. You have always been a strong, independent lady and I am happy that you have met someone who brings out the best in you. I am pleased that my daughter has discovered in [partner's name] someone who loves and cares for her as much as she does, and I have no doubt that the two of you will have a lifetime of love, joy and laughter together. Best wishes to the newlyweds!”

“You can imagine how high my standards were as the mother of a daughter who has always been my treasure, the apple of my eye. The only thing I wanted was the best for my kid. I finally met [groom] one day. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that [bride] and [groom] are made for one other.”

Touching Mother of the Bride Speeches

touching mother of the bride speech
touching mother of the bride speech (isabel_expo)

“Since Katie was a small girl, this is the day I've always imagined myself in. To this day, I can still picture her in her beloved princess ball dresses, daydreaming about her own Prince Charming, and watching Cinderella over and over again. When I think back on these times, I can't help but smile. However, I wish I had known how fast time passes. If I were to give you and Michael any advice, it would be to enjoy each moment and try to make the most of it. Stop worrying over small things. Don't let yourself become too downhearted, angry or depressed before bed. Worrying over something that isn't necessary is a waste of time. Life's too short to worry about such things. And I look forward to sharing many more joyous events with you and Michael as the years go by. Please join me in a toast to the gorgeous couple on behalf of everyone. Cheers to never ending love, health and joy!”

“I stand here today filled with pride, happiness, and love. The greatest joy in my life is spending time with my daughter, who has always been more than simply a daughter to me. I'll always be thankful that Lucy was fortunate to find real love with Andrew. I just can't think of anyone better than you two to be around her. Your father and I have worked hard to set a good example for you, hoping that you would see that love can flourish and endure despite difficulties and time. Seeing the two of you together, I know we have done everything we can to prepare you for starting a family of your own, and all we can do now is wish you the best. If you ever need help learning how to change a diaper, I'll be right here! I'd want to raise a glass to my daughter and her new hubby. I'm glad to have Andrew in my daughter's life, and I appreciate all the joy and laughter he's brought to her. And I hope you two enjoy a long, prosperous, and healthy marriage.”

“Good evening, everyone! My daughter's wedding day has finally arrived! Everyone is invited to come celebrate this momentous event with us. Your wedding day truly is the most special day of your life. But I can honestly say that the day you were born was the best day of my whole life. As you became older, I saw that despite your strength, you were a caring and compassionate person. I could see your father in you as he taught the values of hard work and determination in you by teaching you the basics of reading, driving, and dreaming big. Your success is a source of great pride for me. I'm glad you finally met someone who can complete you. To the Groom: I am happy to offer you my daughter's hand because I am confident that she will be loved and cherished by you always. My best wishes and prayers are with you both as you begin this new chapter of your lives.”

Funny Mother Of The Bride Speeches

funny mother of the bride speech
funny mother of the bride speech (Madison Delaney Photography)

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“Hello, everybody. I'm [bride's] elder sister. I'm kidding I'm actually her mother. Our relationship has had its ups and downs, like that of any mother and her daughter. But there is nothing else in the world I would give up to have them. Seeing my daughter marry a fantastic man is something I'll always cherish. [Share a delightful slightly embarrassing story from your daughter's childhood or adolescence that best describes her personality]. Oh my, that's when I truly knew what it meant when people said that a mother's love is unlike any other. I anticipated that Lauren would require a lifelong companion who could take her at her best and laugh with her at her worst [insert humorous anecdote from childhood here]. After meeting Chelsea, I knew Lauren had finally found her soul mate; here was someone who appreciated Lauren's [insert unique attribute about your kid here] as much as (or more than) we did. I'm happy to say that you've grown into an independent, strong lady. And you've found the ideal companion for your journey. Congratulations, Lauren and Chelsea! I wish that you have sunny skies and the strength to withstand any storms that may come your way. I hope your life is filled to the brim with joy, happiness and love. Cheers!”

“My late husband always wanted to give a speech like this and would have liked to be here today, but he always complained about the high prices.

(About your daughter)

While I'm sorry to see Kate go, I can take comfort in the fact that my makeup will still be where I last left it when she gets married. I can now see the bottom of my laundry basket since Kate is a married lady. Kate didn't like boys and didn't want anything to do with them for quite some time. At least we found someone to take her away from us.

[It doesn't have to be jokes; instead, it might be a funny story about something interesting that you and your partner did together or a funny experience that you had.]

(About her husband)

Kate bringing Steve home for the first time was an exciting moment for me. Before Steve came around, we met all of her boyfriends and we despised every single one of them. Even if he's generally a bit sloppy, he looks great today. For some reason, I always imagined that Kate would wed a member of the royal family. [Advice for a happy marriage, if you have any].

My husband and I have been married for 28 years, and our 20th anniversary was the happiest of our marriage. Please don't ask me for advise on how to have a long and successful marriage. To the happy couple, let's raise our glasses. Do you have any ideas about how rare it is for me to like two people?”

Inspirational Quotes About Mothers and Daughters

The love shared between a mother and her daughter is incomparable. It brings back happy memories and love that never ends. In your wedding speech, include these touching mother-daughter quotes to to express your love for your beautiful daughter.

inspirational quotes about mothers and daughters for wedding speech
inspirational quotes about mothers and daughters for wedding speech (Eddy Almaguer Photography)
  1. “No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby girl.” – Unknown
  2. ”Once you’re a mom, you’re always a mom. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.” – Taraji P. Henson
  3.  “Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and a daughter.” – Caitlin Houston
  4. “A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.” – Unknown
  5. “Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and a daughter.” – Caitlin Houston
  6. “My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along.” – Denise Van Outen
  7. ”Mothers and daughters together are a powerful force to be reckoned with.” – Melia Keeton-Digby
  8. “A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.” – Unknown
  9. “My greatest blessings call me mom.” – Unknown
  10. “Daughters are like flowers that fill the world with beauty.” – Unknown
  11. “To my daughter. Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be.” – Unknown
  12. “A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous…full of beauty and forever beautiful…loving and caring and truly amazing.” – Deanna Beisser

Common FAQs

How do you write a mother-of-the-bride speech when you don't know the groom?

Pay the most attention to your daughter and her journey and qualities. Mention how happy the couple seems to be together and send them your best wishes for their future. Keep it honest, positive and short.

When is the Mother of the Bride Speech Delivered?

The father of the bride would often make the first toast, followed by the groom. Because you are standing in for the father, it seems appropriate for you to lead the way. It's up to you two to decide who goes first or second if you're both making a toast. According to us, mom should go first. But the decision is ultimately yours to make.

What should the mother of the bride not do?

The bride and groom are the reason for the celebration, so they should be the stars of the show. Don't do anything that could steal the spotlight or make the bride feel uncomfortable. Do not attempt to grab the spotlight or the camera from the photographer.

How Long Should a Mother of the Bride Speech Be?

We recommend keeping your speech to between three and five minutes in length, as this is the golden rule of public speaking. It doesn't matter if you're the best man, the groom, or the most funny maid of honor ever. Guests will lose interest and become bored if your speech lasts more than five minutes. Don't forget to include pauses for laughter and maybe some happy tears as well.

How do you end the mother of the bride speech?

You may do this by ending your toast with a wish for the happy couple. A few examples are as follows: Raise your glass to the toast. Cheers to my new son and the most beautiful bride, my daughter!

What words should be avoided in speech?

“Ummm…” Don't use filler phrases like “um,” “uh,” “you know,” or “like.” Excessive use of these words can reduce the power and grace of your speech. They divert attention and give the impression that you don't know what to say next. If you are having trouble finding the appropriate term, try pausing for a moment.

Final Thoughts

Although it isn't an old tradition, having the mother of the bride give a toast during the wedding is quickly gaining popularity. A few words cannot adequately express the bond that exists between a girl and her mother. It is something that can't be compared to anything else and will never end. With any luck, the guidance provided in this article will help you get started writing a touching and insightful mother of the bride speech. I'm sure you'll give an awesome wedding toast.

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