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Trending: 30 Brilliant Wedding Lights Ideas to Inspire

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Brilliant Wedding Lights Ideas to Inspire

wedding decoration ideas with vintage frame and edison bulbs

Wedding Chandeliers with Edison Bulbs

Chandeliers lighting may transform a gloomy, out-of-date area into a genuinely magnificent sight. In the event industry, there is a phrase that ‘looks are a light switch away.’ Chandeliers lighting is also a significant factor in photography. If you use an excessive amount of uplighting, your photographs will take on the color of the uplight.

chic rustic wedding decoration ideas

greenery and edison bulbs wedding chandelier ideas

rustic wedding chandelier ideas with edison bulbs


Romantic Wedding Lighting Ideas

Check out these romantic wedding lights ideas to inspire your guests on your big day. String lights and tulle can be hung from the venue’s beams to make a beautiful entryway for your party. This is a simple wedding reception lighting idea that you can use at any venue that has poles, pipes, or beams. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. It could be the perfect idea for an big venue that has a lot of open space.

backyard string lights wedding decorations

edison bulbs string lights wedding ideas
edison bulbs wedding decoration ideas for a backyard wedding
edison bulbs wedding hanging decoration ideas
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