wedding decoration ideas with vintage window

20 DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas with Vintage Windows


Vintage windows have become a very fun way for couples to decorate their wedding. Since there are so many unique ways you can use a window at your wedding I thought I would highlight a few of our favorites and share some of the best inspiration so you can plan your own wedding window. From window menu displays to seating planning displays you really can find almost anyway to work in a vintage window to your wedding. Check out these ideas and get inspired.

chic rustic wedding decoration ideas with vintage windows

window pane rustic wedding seating chart

wedding seating chart display on vintage window

wedding seating assignment display on vintage window

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wedding backdrop ideas with vintage window

vintage window wedding sign ideas

vintage window wedding seating chart

vintage window wedding seating chart with floral accented

vintage window wedding decoration ideas

vintage window pane inspired wedding menu ideas

vintage window frame wedding sign ideas