18 Fancy Wedding Decoration Ideas with Hanging Candles

Okay, to me, candlelight is a must at any weddings, which is a key to a successful party, and it will look extremely gorgeous in the photo. Seriously, picking my favorite candle photos was a challenge in itself! That's because all those flickering flames project an amber glow, which just so happens to be universally flattering. Yes, that means you, your partner, and all your guests will look even more beautiful in a candlelit room. I’ve written several posts about candlelight decoration for weddings (Candlesticks Wedding Centerpieces, Wedding Centerpieces with Candles, Candlelight Wedding Reception) and click the topic to check more about those wedding ideas. Today I’m sharing decorations with hanging candles and let’s check them out.

Sweetheart Table Decorations
romantic wedding sweetheart table decoration ideas with candlelights

lush wedding sweetheart table decoration ideas with candles

outdoor wedding sweetheart table ideas with hanging candles

greenery wedding sweetheart table decoration ideas with hanging candles

wedding sweetheart table decoration ideas

chic rustic sweetheart wedding table with hanging candles

greenery sweetheart table wedding decoration ideas with candles

Hanging Lights Wedding Backdrops
trending wedding backdrop ideas with hanging candles

romantic candlelights wedding ceremony decoration ideas

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