18 Awesome Wedding Ideas to Use Balloons

If you think that balloons are just for birthdays, you will certainly think again after you see these awesome balloon wedding ideas. For weddings, balloon decor looks more like a lavish art installation—it's a real statement. White and cream balloons mixed with metallic keep things chic but fun. From fun backdrops for the wedding ceremony and lining the aisles as you walk to say your “I Do’s” to hanging from the reception space ceiling and adorning the getaway car, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the unique and creative ways you can incorporate balloons into your day. Some are customized with words or sayings, some are filled with confetti and we are over the moon for the giant oversized ones.

white balloon wedding decoration ideas

wedding table setting ideas with balloons

wedding table setting ideas with balloons surrounded

wedding sign decorated with balloons

wedding reception decoration ideas with balloons

wedding photo ideas with balloons

wedding ceremony sign ideas with balloons

wedding buffet decoration ideas with balloons

wedding aisle decoration ideas with balloons

wedding reception decorations with balloons

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