creative wedding food ideas for 2018

12 Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love


Sweet buffets and dessert tables have really taken off in weddings over the past few years and it's not had to see why. The wedding day is quite a long day and it's nice to be offered some nibbles throughout the day or as a late night sack. Enter wedding food stations, the latest wedding trend to hit our shores. Food buffets and bars have literally been popping up at weddings everywhere over the past year.  Choose anything you want really, go as fancy as you like with sushi and oysters or choose your own personal favorites. Whether you choose wedding food stations for an after ceremony or cocktail hour snack, a late night treat or even as your main food options there is literally something for everybody. Just dare to be bold and think outside the box. Here are a few of our faves…

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    wedding food ideas for 2018

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