12 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas with Feathers

Oh I do love a good bouquet roundup! I swear, I could browse through pictures of flowers all day. For a boho wedding, there are lots of options – think loose, unstructured bouquets or little posies, wildflowers, proteas, or greenery. But one look I really love because of the extra texture it has to it is the bouquet with feather accents. I’m particularly fond of pheasant feathers (as you’ll see by this roundup, are many floral designers!) but guinea feathers, ostrich, wild turkey… you name it. As always though, I’d urge you to try to ensure that the feathers you use are ethically sourced.


Wild wedding bouquet with juliet garden roses and feathers

vintage feather wedding bouquet for Gatsby wedding

unique diy wedding bouquet with feathers

Relaxed Feather Wedding Bouquet

pink feather wedding bouquet ideas

Marsala Wedding Bouquet with Pheasant Feathers & Greenery

vintage wedding bouquet ideas with feathers

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Originally posted 2018-01-29 07:27:32.

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