18 Church Pew Ends Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas to Love

The entrance down the aisle is one of the most special and most photographed moments during the wedding ceremony for most brides. What’s more, every bride is actually going to make that trip twice – with the second being when you exit as a happy newlywed. There’re so many ways to decorate your wedding aisles, like floral and greenery. Some may have lanterns with candles to work down.

Consider the size of the church where your wedding will be held. When visitors arrive at a large church, pew decorations that stand out are required. A smaller location allows the couple to add personal touches to the setting.

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This is a fantastic opportunity to flaunt your wedding colors. Consider the church's colors and how you may use them to your advantage. Dark colors contrast beautifully with pale wood. If you're having a burgundy and pink wedding, for example, wrap the ends of the seats in burgundy tulle and delicate pink silk ribbons.

Your wedding flowers can also be displayed in pews, much to the delight of your guests. Take your fresh spring flowers and make little bouquets at the end of each pew if your wedding is in the spring.

Other seasons provide equally good opportunities to bring in flowers. It doesn't matter if you use dried or silk flowers. Your wedding's lighting is really important. When having your wedding photographs done, the pew is an excellent spot to put in more light that flatters any bride.

Today I’m going to share some fabulous wedding aisle decoration ideas for the church pew. If you’re having your ceremony in churches, go ahead and check these ideas out. Do let me know which do you like most.

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