Wedding Photography Tips From A Michigan-Based Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is all about capturing your priceless moments.

Wedding photography has always been both a fun and stressful part of the happy couple's big day. In this expert interview series, we are joined by Shuhrat Choudhury from Life and Lights Photography – a Michigan based wedding photographer to bring you some incredible insights and expert tips on how to take perfect wedding photos.

Meet the expert

Shuhrat Choudhury is a self-taught wedding photographer based in Michigan. She covers all wedding events to capture the classic and joyful artwork for couples who aim for an elegant wedding.

We loved how she highlighted the couples most tender moments.
We loved how she highlighted the couples most tender moments.

ELW Team: Thank you very much for your time and interview, Shuhrat!

Shuhrat: I appreciate you helping photographers gain public exposure.

Let's begin the interview…

What's your background in wedding photography?

I am a completely self-taught wedding photographer, but I focus on making my clients happy by capturing their special moments. I've done a variety of weddings, including ethnic weddings, which are my specialty because I'm from Southeast Asia. I have a background in medical science and am now pursuing a master's degree in counseling, which allows me to better understand my clients' concerns and serve them efficiently.

How did you get into wedding photography?

My wedding photography journey began when my husband gave me a camera as a gift. In my wildest dreams, I would never have believed that a little gift could completely transform my life. Fast forward 5 years, and I have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

What's your wedding photography style?

My wedding photography approach is mostly focused on capturing real love. There is a reason for this. My husband and I have a difficult time finding a photographer for us because we are a very private, non-PDA-loving couple. As a result, we always want a photographer who will not ask us to do anything we are not comfortable with. That is why I place such a high value on getting to know the couple and their love story so that I can make them feel as at ease as possible. My aesthetic is really natural, romantic, and upbeat.

That bride and groom look really stunning in their fall wedding colors.
That bride and groom look really stunning in their fall wedding colors.

How to take a perfect wedding photoshoot?

The most important factors include the chemistry between the couple, the experience level of the photographer, the venue, the time of day (if the shoot is taking place outdoors), and the photographer's ability to make the couple feel at ease.

How do you help newlyweds relax on their special day?

Instead than focusing on the wedding details, I start the conversation by learning more about the couple and their love story. I normally have several chats with them from the time they inquire and the day of shooting to ensure that I understand their expectations because it is ultimately their love story that I want to record.

A stunning black and white picture of the couple set against a backdrop of textured buildings.
A stunning black and white picture of the couple set against a backdrop of textured buildings.

What are the most common challenges in wedding photoshoots?

Couples expect excellent results yet do not allow enough time to achieve them. When I help couples with wedding schedules, I always recommend allowing additional time so that we will be prepared. I understand that this isn't always practicable. However, the more wiggle room we have, the more comfortable the couple will be, and the photos will be better.

Any advice for couples to improve their wedding shoot

I know it sounds very cliche, but just be present and enjoy each other's company. It is very hard to do amidst all the chaos, but reflect back on how this was the day you all have been waiting for. How all the planning brought you to this day. Just think about how you are married/marrying your love of life.

A black and white close up bridal portrait looks incredibly elegant.
A black and white close up bridal portrait looks incredibly elegant.

How do you choose a photographer for your wedding?

If you feel at ease with the individual who will be taking your photographs. The wedding photographer is usually the one with whom you will be spending the majority of your time on your big day, so you absolutely must have someone you can honestly talk to and who makes you feel at ease.

How Do You Price A Wedding Photographer?

Negotiating a fair price can be difficult but keep in mind that the photographs are the only mementos that will live forever. You won't appreciate photographs until they are all that remains of a loved one. Don't settle for less than your best photographs.

What is the future of Wedding Photography?

Ahh…tricky. Artificial intelligence (AI) is what I mostly hear these days. But to be honest, I don't really care. It's important for me to think about how my services can improve the lives of my lovely clients.

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We'd like to thank Shuhrat from Life and Lights Photography for sharing her expert advice and wedding photography tips. We also believe that wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that shouldn't be compromised. It's all about the open communication and friendly vibe you get from your wedding photographer that elevates the entire photographic experience.

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