Marriage Proposal Ideas: Lindsey & Steven’s Wedding

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We first met at Acme Host and have been friends ever since, but we’ve never really got to know each other beyond the superficial level.

Before the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2019, and a new year began in 2020, everything changed. It was extremely intense how Steven approached me.

Within two months, we were both cut off from the rest of the world as the pandemic rapidly reached a crisis point.

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By the late summer of 2021, Steven had made up his mind that he intended to propose. The fact that he went the tried-and-true route is something that Lindsey appreciates much.

He came to my house while I was away, fed my parents, and asked for my hand in marriage. The following month, while Lindsey was getting ready to eat, her friend Ryan called.

Despite Lindsey’s insistence, Steven and Ryan didn’t find each other at the lake. What Lindsey means by “I pulled out my phone to call home” Taken aback, Steven knelt and stated, “Ryan’s not coming.” This was the first time in my life that I was truly shocked.

marriage proposal ideas 12 68

Photography by: ALLAN ZEPEDA

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