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Best 10 Fall Wedding Color Ideas for 2022


When fall wedding season comes around, it's hard not to think about all the rich colors and other benefits that come along with it. From crisp weather, lovely foliage, and options to incorporate seasonal flavors, it’s no wonder that autumn is the most popular season for wedding events. But the colors that come with the changing of the season make it that much better, making way for the perfect color décor palette.

Fall Wedding Colors for 2022

Believe it or not, your color choices aren't limited to orange and red. Autumn is also strewn with earthy tones that reflect the idyllic landscape and jewel-inspired hues that echo the season's harvests. Below, you'll find 10 color palette combinations for autumn weddings, ranging from pastel pink to black (with hints of green, brown, and gray in between). Get a cup of coffee and let’s check them out. Do let me know which is your favorite fall wedding color!

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    Sunset Orange and Green Wedding Colors
    sunset orange and greenery fall wedding color ideas for 2021

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    Sage Green and Pink Wedding Ideas

    sage green and pink wedding color ideas for 2021

    Rustic Neutral Wedding Colors

    rustic neutral fall wedding color ideas for 2021

    Gold and Sage Green Wedding Colors

    vintage gold and sage green fall wedding color ideas

    Navy Blue and Mauve Wedding Colors

    navy blue and mauve wedding colors for 2021

    Dusty Blue and Burgundy Wedding Ideas

    dusty blue and burgundy fall wedding color ideas

    Navy Blue, Marsale and Pink Wedding Ideas

    Green and Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

    navy blue and greenery wedding color ideas for 2021

    Dusty Pink and Black Wedding Ideas

    dusty rose and black wedding color ideas

    Burgundy Green and Blush Wedding Ideas

    burgundy blush and greenery fall wedding color ideas