23 Best Wedding Shoes Ideas For Every Bride

If you've already chosen the dress of your dreams, it's time to start thinking about the wedding shoes that will complete your look. Even if you're planning an intimate garden ceremony or a fashionable court event, we've got the perfect pair of wedding shoes for you.

When it comes to bridal shoes, white, cream, and nude seem to be the most popular colors. Bridal shoes, on the other hand, are more than just pumps and sandals in the same color as the wedding gown.

Wedding shoes are an important element of your entire wedding outfit, from the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner to the walk down the aisle, the after-party, and the post-nuptial brunch. Style is just as important as comfort when it comes to wedding shoes. Just because you're wearing a lengthy gown doesn't mean your shoes shouldn't feel special. This applies to a bridal clutch as well.

If you're the type of bride who likes to add a splash of color or whimsy to her wedding day wardrobe, start with your shoes. Here are the 20 best wedding shoe ideas for every bride.

1. Black & White Satin Wedding Shoes

These stiletto sandal heels have a beautiful satin bow that wraps around the foot and is certain to enhance your bridal style.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride1
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride6

2. Tulle Pearl Embroidered Thick Heel Wedding Shoes

On your wedding day, you'll look like a princess because of its blend of elegance and height. Gem bridal platforms are an excellent choice if both comfort and height are crucial to you.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride2

3. Ballerina style Satin Lace Wedding Shoes

In terms of bridal footwear, flats are a no-brainer because they're both practical and fashionable. Plus, you won't have to worry about your flats sinking into the grass or getting in the way of your nighttime dance plans.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride3
Ivory beaded Flats
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride17
Gold Champagne Satin lace Flats

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4. Tulle Lace Embroidery Wedding Shoes 

An elegant sandal like this tulle lace embroidery is always a safe bet. Its classic design means you can wear it to all of your other events, too.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride4
Short heels tulle lace shoes
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride5
Bridal shoes with thin heel stiletto design tulle lace embroidery
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride39
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride111
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride41

5. Daisy Embroidered Wedding Shoes

These shoes are meant to be both stylish and comfy on your big day. Because of the excellent quality leather, it is sweat-proof. By securing your ankle, this shoe provides all-day comfort.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride8
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride7
Bridal Plateform Heels Lolita Shoes
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride9
Platform Heels – Luxurious Special Design
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride13
Daisy and Pearls Ivory or White
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride18
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride10
Daisy Lace & Pearl Flat Wedding Shoes

6. Low Block Heel Leather Pumps

The reason a traditional white pump for a wedding is considered a classic is that it will never go out of style. This shoe is so adaptable that it may be paired with a wide variety of dresses, from simple and contemporary ball gowns to sheath dresses that are beaded all over. You are going to really adore these comfortable white bridal heels with ankle wrap!

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride11
Closed Toe Heel White Leather Pumps

7. Closed Toe Blue Wedding Shoes

Shoes that will help you create an excellent look for your wedding. You are going to fall in love with these bridal shoes in light blue suede leather that is both simple and exquisite. The delicate cross-front straps will make your feet look great, and the addition of a padded footbed will offer you all-day comfort for your special occasion, guaranteeing that you will have an incredible time in these shoes.
Because they are lightweight and comfy, the bride will not become fatigued when engaging in activities such as dancing, accepting congrats, or conversing with guests. You could wear them on a regular basis, or they would look amazing with a white wedding dress.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride12

8. Champagne Satin Ivory Lace Boho Wedding Shoes

These champagne satin and ivory lace wedding shoes are perfect for the boho bride.
Wearing these low-heeled bohemian wedding shoes will ensure that you are comfy the entire night.
Embroidered ivory lace embellishes these champagne satin shoes. The needlework has gleaming sequins, and the front is tied with organza ribbons. They're constructed of delicate lace and soft smooth satin.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride14 1

9. Lace Bridal Sneakers Wedding Shoes

We're crazy over these pearl-encrusted bridal sneakers that aren't too overdone. This combination is as gorgeous as it is adaptable, and may be worn for your wedding, afterparty, honeymoon, and beyond!

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride15
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride2
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride16
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride29 1
Wedding shoes that can be made to look like yours. It's perfect for a wedding, a reception shoe change, or just about any other event!
Customizable options include glitter and ribbon color, as well as the font color and lettering of the text.

10. Mary Jane Bride Shoes With Lace

These Mary Jane sandals are the ideal match for any wedding gown design. These beauties will surely steal the show out on the dancefloor if you change into a short dress for your afterparty.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride19
High Heel Bridal Shoes

11. Baby Pink Satin Wedding Shoes

Wearing these baby pink bridal heels will make you feel like a princess. These shoes are a fantastic complement to your wedding dress and would look great at either a fairy tale wedding or a sophisticated reception.
Embroidered lace is worked into the pattern of these baby pink satin wedding shoes. The needlework is embellished with pink beads and sequins, and organza ribbons are utilized to tie the front in a bow.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride20 1

12. Bridal Pearl Wedding Shoes

Are you a fan of the traditional things in life? Then you should definitely pick up a pair of these fantastic luxury pearl pumps with a vintage-inspired design. These women's dress shoes are so adaptable and comfy that they are ideal for your wedding day, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, or any other bridal-related event that you may be attending. These stunning stiletto heels are not only easy to walk in but also quite comfy.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride3
Luxury Pearl Heels
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride21
Peep Open Toe- Ankle Strap Block Chunky Heels for Bridal
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride37
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride38
A portion of the shoe is made of sheer fabric, and the toe and ankle strap are adorned with pearls.

13. Pearl Brautschuhe Flat Wedding Shoes

Elegant bridal heels that are inlaid with exquisite pearls all around, refined with leather lining and footbed, and have heels that measure approximately 1 centimeter in height. The outer sole is made of non-slip rubber, which also makes walking over longer distances more pleasant. At your wedding, you can have a look that is both classic and legendary by dressing your feet in these extremely feminine sandals.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride23
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride24
Black Pearl Flat heel

14. Crystal Stone Wedding Shoes With Flower

If you're having trouble deciding what shoes to wear on your wedding day, a timeless pair of white pumps are a good option to go with at all times. This particular design is referred to as the “Perfect Pump,” and we couldn't agree more with the name!

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride26

15. The Cindy Elegant Wedding Shoes

Elegant bridal shoes that have a layer of exquisite pearls on top and are adorned with a sprinkling of tiny flowers. These shoes are really stunning in fact, and they are a wonderful complement to the bridal gown.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride28

16. Emerald Green Vintage Mule Wedding Shoes

In order to make your wedding day even more classy, you could choose a stylish pair of low heels. Even if you're attending a dinner party or other event, this pair of shoes will look amazing with your outfit!

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride30

17. Gold Pointed Toe Wedding Shoes

The beautiful heel is encrusted with rich rhinestones, and the polished leather lining gives these charming point-toe heels a ballet-inspired flair. This style will look stunning with any bridal gown, from a modest slip to a full-fledged ballgown.
For a timeless and iconic style for your wedding, dress up your feet with these wonderfully feminine sandals.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride31

18. Cinderella Crystal Rhinestone Wedding Shoes

For a wedding, these cinderella crystal rhinestone high-heel shoes are ideal. A modern Cinderella might wear these crystal-studded strappy heels because they are both beautiful and trendy at the same time.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride32
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride33
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride34

19. LUNA Ballet Flats Wedding Shoes

Flat shoes in a light ivory color suitable for a wedding, with satin and leather ankle straps. They are the most beautiful flats for everyday use and would look great at a bridal event. In this case, highly soft inner liners were utilized, and the overall design and structure were developed to be pleasant and long-lasting. After the special occasion is over, you can always keep the ballet flats and utilize them as either an evening or day pair.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride35
Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride36

20. Sky Blue stiletto Lolita Wedding Shoes

These charming sky blue shoes have an easy slip-on design, so you may wear them during any season. They are also very flexible. These look great whether worn with a leg-baring mini or a dress that is of a medium length.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride25

21. Red Satin Wedding Shoes For Bride With Frill & Pearls

Attention, all of you who are getting married in the winter! These beautiful satin shoes are an excellent option for your winter wedding since they are both comfortable and fashionable. They will look great whether you are exchanging vows in front of the city courthouse or in a magnificent ballroom with a snowy backdrop. In addition, they are versatile enough to serve both as your wedding footwear and your “something Red.”

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride42

22. Green Velvet Block Heel Wedding Shoes

If you're looking for a stylish, modern, magnificent, and exquisite bridal style, these block heel green shoes are for you! In addition, it is really comfy, silky, and skin-friendly to wear all day long. High-quality velvet is used to create this pair, which ensures that it will last.

Best Wedding Shoe Ideas For Every Bride43

23. Waterproof Platform High Heel Wedding Shoes

An attractive and seductive heel that you may wear all day long without getting your feet tired. It may be worn with any outfit. Wearable at parties, feasts, weddings, and other events.

Common FAQ On Best Wedding Shoe Ideas

Which shoes are best for marriage?

In the case of a beach or garden wedding, ballet flats or block heel sandals should be your footwear of choice. Closed-toe heels or beaded sandals are usually appropriate for elegant ballroom weddings.

Do wedding shoes have to be white?

Not all brides wear white or ivory wedding shoes. Wedding shoes that stand out from the crowd and may be worn after the big day have become increasingly popular among modern brides.

Is it necessary for your wedding shoes to match your gown?

You can wear any sort of shoe to a wedding nowadays, including formal shoes, sneakers, cowboy boots, and sandals. The most crucial thing is that the shoe you choose is appropriate for your personality. So you want to locate one that makes you feel entirely at ease and pleased.

Can I wear ballet flats to a wedding?

Ballet flats are ideal for a boat wedding because their flexible but firm bottoms assist your feet to grasp the deck as you move through the water. Leather ballet flats embellished with bows or ribbons look stunning with exquisite slacks fit for a wedding.

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