Royce bridal

Royce bridal


Our Purpose

Royce bridal is a team that specializes in making wedding dresses. Our costume designer has 10 years of design experience, with up to 1,000 styles. Our costume matchmaker has been engaged in the wedding industry for 9 years, so the quality of our products is very good. The brides who have bought our wedding dresses are very satisfied with this. We have been stationed in the wedding industry for 6 years. The original intention of the establishment of this team was to hope that all brides can wear beautiful wedding dresses, so our high-quality wedding dresses are It is sold at a very low price close to cost. Nowadays, the average price of a wedding dress is around $150, and our service has also been recognized by the public.

Business Snapshot

What do you offer?

We offer custom designer wedding dresses.

How do you offer?

Through online website.

What is your business philosophy?

We believe in 100% quality.

Do you require booking?


Do you require deposit?


What is your cancellation policy?

The return or exchange must be initiated within 30 days upon receiving the items.

Do you offer payment arrangement?


How long have you been in the business?

6-12 months

What makes you different from your competitors?


Do you have customer reviews or references?






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